STL Votes!

STL Votes!


St. Louis Voters!  Your Community, Your Choice

Municipal elections  are your chance to be heard and choose your new city government or school board members. Many area voters will see proposals to tax recreational marijuana or other ballot measures. 

There are now two weeks of no-excuse, in-person absentee voting before each election date for voters with an acceptable government-issued photo ID. You can vote at the Board of Elections office or at designated sites.


Election workers are essential to our democracy. Click here for information on being a poll worker.



St. Louis City now has 14 wards (down from 28).   Detailed map of new ward boundaries.


You can vote absentee by mail or in person starting six weeks before Election Day, or in person on Election Day.  

You can get more information  on STL City absentee voting here or by calling the StL City Absentee Department at (314) 622-3230 Monday-Friday during business hours. The deadline to aply for an absentee ballot by mail is the second Wednesday before each election.

Info for STL County absentee voting: Absentee Voting - St. Louis County Website (

VOTER ID: You Can Vote!

Photo ID info

Your passport or Missouri driver's license must be nonexpired or expired after Nov. 8, 2022.


St. Louis City  

Know where to vote, because polling place assignments and options have changed!

Click here for the locations in the city open for two weeks of no-excuse in-person absentee voting.
On Election Day, you can vote at your assigned polling place (polling place assignments have changed!!) or at one of the new Citywide Vote Centers.  You can find your options HERE, or you can check the Voter Notification Card that you receive in the mail.

St. Louis County

These were the county locations for no-excuse in-person absentee voting:
Board of Elections, 725 Northwest Plaza Drive in St. Ann
North County Recreation Complex, 2577 Redman Road
Ballwin Police Department, 300 Park Drive in Ballwin
Affton White-Rodgers Community Center, 9801 Mackenzie Road

On Election Day, you can vote at any polling place in the St. Louis County!  They will print you a personalized ballot.



Close-to-home elections affect your life the most - school funding, public safety, affordable housing, and public transportation.  

Local elections can decide whether the potholes on the streets in your neighborhood get fixed... whether your school district has enough funding… whether your neighborhood gets the resources it needs.

Not many people vote in local elections, so every vote counts even more!

The LWVSTL makes it easy to learn more about the candidates and issues on your ballot! Check out the LWVSTL Voters Guide, Candidate Forums and Speakers Bureau presentations