Voter Registration

The League of Women Voters Billings serves the people of south-central Montana.  

Early History

Hazel Hunkins from Billings was one of the many young woman who picketed the White House in support of women getting the right to vote. In August of 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed in Congress, 51 years after the women first organized to do exactly that. The provisional League of Women Voters of Billings was organized December 6, 1951.  Full League status was reached in April, 1953 when bylaws were approved.  In April 1954, Mrs. Dale (Joan Harwood) Galles went as the delegate to the national biennial convention in Denver where she received the charter for the Billings League. 

The Billings League today

A consensus process is used to form positions which include: local government, alternate sources of revenue, consolidation, incarceration, public education, land use planning, and transportation. Annually, the League of Women Voters Billings registers voters at naturalization of citizens ceremonies and on September 24 National Voter Registration Day, encourages younger and maligned citizens to register, and helps voters know where to vote.

Education of the 60 members and the public continues with monthly presentations at the Billings Public Library.  When needed, candidate forums and voter guides are formed.  League members are involved in education the public about local government issues. and are observers at city and county meetings. The League of Women Voters of Billings participates with the national and state League advocacy programs.

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Upcoming Events:

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To join the Billings League of Women Voters, you can fill out the online membership form at: or contact the LWV Billings at lwv.billings [at]