Education & Advocacy Committee

 This Committee is responsible for advocating on the local level on issues of importance to our members.  Any advocating done by the committee must be in agreement with local, state and national positions. The committee is also responsible for the development and implementation of the general membership meetings, public forums, and any other educational event held by the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus.   

 Annual Report 2017-18


2018-2019 Opportunities for Study and Advocacy

Study Opportunities

  • Community Gardens

This study will focus on how the community gardens in the metropolitan area can be used to reduce waste through composting, improve nutrition and increase access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables in middle to low-income neighborhoods, and create social ties to build a greater feeling of community which can help to reduce crime. Contact Ben Sullivan at ben.j.sullivan [at] ()


  • Plastic Bags

In an effort to manage and reduce waste, cities and states around the country are regulating single use plastic products (i.e. plastic bags). This study group will explore the opportunities and implications of implementing similar regulations in Columbus. This is particularly relevant, given Ohio Senate Bill 210, which would preemptively prohibit a city like Columbus from imposing a tax or fee on auxiliary containers (i.e. plastic bags). Contact Lindsey Kaufmann kaufflin [at] at or Nitya Velu at nitya.velu [at]


  • Smart Cities

This study will focus on the potential impact of Smart Columbus projects on the surrounding communities of the metropolitan area. The focus of the study will be Smart Columbus technology implementation its potential impact on the environment, job and business creation, cost to taxpayers, traffic, and quality of life. Contact Lindsey Montanari at lnm2525 [at]


  • Compose Pros and Cons for Local Ballot Issues (City of Columbus)

The E&A Committee is responsible for drafting pros and cons about local issues that appear on the ballot during the November general election and the May primary election for publication in the Voter Information Bulletin. If anyone is interested in learning how to draft pros and cons and would like to take on the responsibility of leading this twice a year commitment please contact Bryan Peluso at bpeluso0 [at]


Advocacy Opportunities

Ohioans for Gun Safety is a grassroots organization that is working to place a background check initiative on the ballot in 2019 that will ultimately make our state a safer place for our children and grandchildren through common sense background checks for gun safety. Join fellow League member and organizer of Ohioans for Gun Safety Marian Harris for “An Evening About Gun Safety” in the auditorium of the Bexley Public Library on Thursday, July 26 at 6:30pm. If you cannot make this information session but are interested in joining the effort please contact Marian Harris at marian4ohio [at] ()


Yes We Can Columbus is a group of activists, educators, working families, and proud Columbus residents. They are united around a shared vision of fair and just distribution of power in Columbus and recently approached the E&A Committee about forming a partnership with LWVMC to place a local initiative on the ballot that would put a limit on campaign contributions for those running for city wide office. Before the Metro League can commit to such a partnership, the E&A Committee must do its due diligence and make sure that our Board of Directors is aware of the stakes and what it would be committing to if it approves partnering with Yes We Can. If you are interested in learning about and helping to research campaign contribution limits in municipal elections so that we can advise our Board and possibly partner with Yes We Can, please contact Bryan Peluso atbpeluso0 [at] ()

If you would like to join Yes We Can as an interested citizen please contact Will Petrik at will.petrik [at]


  • Immigration Reform

At the February E&A meeting committee members learned about the need for comprehensive immigration reform from Amy Bittner, an immigration lawyer with Muchnicki & Bittner, and Nathali Bertran, a DREAMER and founder of a start-up called DACA time which aids immigrants with DACA status in filling out their DACA paperwork. As a result of our meeting, the E&A Committee drafted a letter to local representatives about the need for immigration reform on a League letterhead. While this was a good first step, there is more that can be done. If anyone is interested organizing and leading a group of League members to figure out how the League can best advocate for immigration reform at the local level please contact Bryan Peluso at bpeluso0 [at]


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Bryan Peluso
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Metropolitan Columbus

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