Voting and Elections - Election Procedures

Voting and Elections - Election Procedures

Position In Brief: 

Voter Registration The League of Women Voters of Rhode Island supports the registration of voters by mail. Safeguards should be put in place to reduce the possibility of fraud. Improved accessibility of voter registration is supported. Procedures such as mail registration and the availability of registration at the Registry of Motor Vehicles are examples. To improve the minimum standards for the selection of registrars, improvement in the training of those registrars, and brief apprenticeships with experienced registrars. A verification of registration should be given to the voter when person to person registration occurs to encourage registrar accountability. Mail Ballots The application for a mail ballot should be revised and simplified. The law requiring that a mail ballot should be postmarked from the state to which it was mailed should be eliminated. Election Day Procedures The law concerning politicking inside and outside the polls should be enforced. Procedures should be written on who enforces the law and how this enforcement is carried out. Penalties should be included in the law for violations. The law should to allow assignment of poll workers to any districts within the city or town they reside in. All poll workers should be appointed, not elected. Multi-media efforts should be made by Boards of Canvassers to inform voters of polling place changes.

Position History: 

position updated April 25, 1998; position adopted April 1986 - Addition approved June 1986

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