All LWVCA board members commit to this non-partisan policy during their tenure on the board. 

Board Officers

President___________ Carrie D. Elliott
1st Vice President_____ David Smith
2nd Vice President_____ JoAnne Day
Secretary___________ Sally Boyd
Treasurer___________ Christina Goodwin

Board Directors with Portfolios

Government Liaison___ Missy Caughman
Observer Corps______ Amy Mikell
Publicity____________ Anita Baker
Women and Gender Equality____Laura Woliver
Voter Participation____ Christine Hait
Vote411____ Gloria Prevost

Committee Chairs (off-board)

Communications_____ Susan Cirulli
Education K-12_____ Kathryn Brookins
Environmental Affairs____ Lady June Cole & Frances Eargle
Nominating Committee_______ Marianne McGrath, chair

Membership_________ Mary Voulgaris
Reproductive Health_______
Voter Education________ Cynthia Flynn & Lill Mood

Administrative Coordinators

Historian____________ Julie Sellers
League Lines Editor_________ Elizabeth Robeson
Web_______________ Uwe Liebetrau
Reservations_________ Susan James
Vote411 Tech Support____________ Rachel Dieter