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A letter to the Editor of The State by LWVCA member Elizabeth Jones was published March 3rd. Her most recent letter addresses the need for every voter to update and keep current their name, physical address, etc., with their county


Our dear Sarah Leverette is the latest City of Women honoree. Sarah was a fierce champion of women and an invaluable member of the League.

Public Statement

A special election is scheduled for December 31, 2019, for one at-large seat on the Richland School District One Board of School Commissioners.

Public Statement

The League of Women Voters of the Columbia Area (LWVCA) is partnering with the Lexington and Richland County Boards of Voter Registration and Elections and Richland and Lexington Counties libraries this week to provide demonstra

Blog Post

The upcoming 2020 Census is critical to accurately apportioning representatives and distributing resources (think hospitals, veterans assistance, etc).

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