League Lines Newsletter

League Lines Newsletter

The League Lines newsletter is published nearly monthly throughout the year.  Each contains a summary of events and the President's report.  Features for each month are listed below.

(Note that Observer Corps is composed of League members who regularly attend local civic board meetings and report back on their activities).

October 2023

Presidents Message, Road Trip to DC for the Voting Rights Case,October Public Policy Luncheon: "How do we shape the future? Reproductive Justive, Abortion Bans And What We Need To Learn From Movements Throughout The Global South". LWVCA Environmental Committee Update pn PFAS, Effective Advocacy, Vote 411 updates, Observer Corps Reports, Talking Points: Every Vote Matters, New Contact Emails for Board members and Committee Chairs, Member Corner, Contacts.

September 2023

Calendar, Effective Advocacy Training (09/16/2023), Happy Hour in Public Education (09/18/23), Public Policy Luncheon- Climate Change (09/21/23), Vote 411 updates and T-shirts for sale, Municipal Election 11/07/2023, August Observer Reports: WeCo City Council, Cayce City Council, Lex 2, Lex/Rich 5, Richland 2, Member Corner.

August 2023 - in this issue:

Calendar, Introducing our New President, Save the Date: Effective Advocacy Training 09/16/23, Updates on VOTE411, Importance of writing letters to the Editors of newspapers, Observer Reports: WeCo City Council, Lex 2 school district, Lex City Council, Cayce City Council, Rich/Lex 5 district, Book Club Notes, Member Corner, League Contacts.

June 2023 - in this issue:

Calendar, Presidents Message, Help Wanted!, Book Club, Vote 411 meeting, Directory of elected officials, Obeserver Corps reports from: WeCo City Council, School District 5, Cola City Council, City of Cayce Council, Contacts.

May 2023 - in this issue:

May Calendar, President's Message, Annual Meeting (05/18, 5:30PM), Voter Registration update, Lex Special Election, Midlands Gives, Vote 411 May planning meeting, Elected Officials directories, Observer Corps Reports, Member activities and meetings.

April 2023 - in this issue:


April Calendar, Changes to registering for the public policy luncheons, Live Podcast at the LWVSC Convention, Lexington and Forest Acres special elections, May Book Club, Midland's Gives, Observer Corps Reports, March Public Policy Luncheon Re-cap, March Book Club Re-Cap.


March 2023 - in this issue:
March Calendar, President's Message, Legislative Update 03/06, 5-6PM, City of Columbia Special Electiion District Four, Meeting: "Public Money for Public Schools, 03/20, 4:30PM-6:30PM, Public Policy Luncheon, 03/16, noon, 03/15 March Book Club. Observer Reports: West Cola City Council, Lex/Rich District Five School Board Meeting, Cayce City Council, Lex district Two School Board Meeting, Summary of Public Policy Forum on Human Trafficking, Board Contacts.
February 2023 - in this issue:
New Member Orientation, Legislative Update, City of Columbia Special Election District 4, Vote 411 Planning Meeting, Biennial State Convention, Observer Corps Reports (Columbia City Council Meetings, District 5 and District 2 Lex/Rich School Board Meetings, Cayce City Council meeting),Board Contact Info 2022-23.
January 2023 - in this issue:

Jan 19th Program Planning Meeting. Jan.28th League Eduation and Day (LEAD). LWV of South Carolina Core Positions. Observer Corps reports: School Board Meetig Lex/Rich Distric 5. Greater Columbia Community Council and Columbia City Council Meeting. Pictures from the December Holiday Social. 

December 2022 - In this issue:
Summation of election activities and invitation to holiday social from President Cole; Jan. 19 PPL; Vote411 usage report; Nov. PPL (with Dr. Scott Huffmon) review; Observer Corps reports from Richland One and Lexington Two School Boards, Columbia and West Columbia City Councils, and the Greater Columbia Community Relations Council; Voter Participation Team report.

November 2022 - In this issue:
President Cole's message on early voting with locations, dates, times; SC Women in Leadership events; Nov. PPL with Dr. Scott Huffmon; Vote411 update; volunteer needed to research local news and events; new member orientation; Observer Corps reports from West Columbia, Columbia, Cayce, & Forest Acres City Councils, Lexington 2 and Lex/Rich 5 school boards; Richland 2 candidate forum; Oct. PPL recap; Member Corner and obituaries.

October 2022 - In this issue:
Sept. PPL (Lynn Teague and Janelle Rivers) review; Oct. PPL (Kathy Maness and Patrick Kelly) on Oct. 20; voter registration volunteers needed; invite to Voter Participation Team; Vote411 Team report; Observer Corps reports from Lexington Two School Board, Lexington/Richland Co. School District 5, and Columbia City Council; obituaries; event photo gallery.

September 2022 - In this issue:
Lady June Cole's message on Women's (In)Equality Day and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts; Public Policy Forum on the SC State Legislature; National Voter Registration Day events; LWVSC Gender and Women's Rights working group; Vote411 team update, inc. early voting dates/times and tshirt sale; Observer Corps reports from Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, and Forest Acres City Councils, and Lexington Two School Board; 09/21 Book Club event; photos from the Robert Mills Carriage House event on August 13

August 2022 - In this issue:
Lady June Cole's message re: National Convention follow-up and other updates; August Social invitation; Women & Families Post-Roe event; need for website volunteers; need for poll workers; Observer Corps reports from Columbia, West Columbia, and Cayce City Councils, Lexington Two School Board, and Blythewood Town Council

June 2022 - In this issue:
Lady June Cole's message re: upcoming June primary, early voting, and voter protection efforts; Midlands Gives summary; Vote411 team report, including asking candidates to respond to Vote411 questions and educating the public; Observer Corps reports from Columbia and Cayce City Councils, Lexington School District 2 Board, and Lexington County Council; photos of members active in League service.

May 2022 - In this issue:
Update from President Cole on current LWVCA initiatives; LWVCA Annual Meeting (May 19); PPL survey; new member orientation; LWVSC State Council (May 14); vote411 outreach at the Riverwalk, May 13 - 15; LWV members introduce Columbia Council of Neighborhoods to vote411.org; vote411 promotion to Lex. and Rich. Co. Councils; vote411 at Soda City Market; vote411 t-shirts; Lynn Teague legislative update to members; Book Club (may 18); Observer Corps reports from Columbia, Cayce, and West Columbia City Councils; statewide primaries (June 14); spotlight on member activities in the community.

April 2022 - In this issue:
April PPM, The 1619 Project; Richland Co. poll manager election information; Midlands Gives 2022; member editorial on Senate Bill 2; member legislative testimonial activity; Vote411 and candidate information for June 14 primaries; registration for the monthly legislative update; Observer Corps reports from Columbia and Cayce City Councils, Lexington Two School District, Richland Co. Board of Voter Registration and Elections, and Richland One School District; Voices and Votes exhibit; League member photos at community events; tribute to member, Ellen Cooper, who passed on Feb. 26.

March 2022 - In this issue:
President Cole's message recoginizing Women's History Month and Intl. Women's Day; next LWVSC legislative update; Public Policy Forum in March with Dr. Laura Woliver; upcoming election information; Midlands Gives; Observer Corps reports from Columbia, West Columbia, and Cayce City Council meetings, and Richland One and Lexington Two School Boards; upcoming book club meetings; Voices and Votes program; focus on member Sharon Ayling.

February 2022 - In this issue:
Message from the president with various announcements; LWVSC legislative update with Lynn Teague, 02/07/22; Feb. PPL: "Equal rights and women's activism: two perspectives"; March PPL: Push Back, Move Forward:  The National Council of Women’s Organizations and Women’s Coalition Advocacy by Laura Wolliver; League members testify against Senate education voucher bill (S. 935); upcoming Vote411 Team activities; tribute to member, Suzanne Rhodes, who passed on Jan. 10.

January 2022 - In this issue:
President's wishes for the holiday and new year; Vote411 in 2021 and volunteers needed; Observer Corps reports from Columbia City Council meetings in December; Special Sesssion: Democracy, Disinformation, and Distrust, presented by the LWV Civil Discourse Network and National Institute for Civil Discourse; photos from the holiday social.

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