Current Study: School Funding

School Funding in Montgomery County

This is a local study by LWVMC 

An August 2017 report of the Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis reported that there were 290 fewer staff serving students in the Montgomery County Schools than in the 2008–2009 school year. In 2017 dollars, school division operating funds from all sources had declined by $9.5 million over the seven-year period beginning in 2008–2009.

A study that will examine the funding of the public schools in Montgomery County was approved by the members at the annual meeting May 9, 2018. The study will include four components that address the following questions:

  1. To what extent is state funding of public education in Virginia adequate and equitable, and how do those factors impact the funding of schools in Montgomery County?
  2. Has the Montgomery County School Board prepared budgets that accurately reflect the needs of the schools and has the Board of Supervisors funded those budgets?
  3. To what extent are properties in Montgomery County taxed fairly and equitably to reflect an appropriate balance of tax revenues coming from commercial and residential properties?
  4. Has the Montgomery County School Board created mechanisms that guarantee equal access to quality programs for all students attending the public schools in the County?

The timeline for completion of the study is April 2019, with the expectation that a final report will be prepared in time for the 2019 annual meeting of the League. mfdh [at] (Mary Houska) and wworner [at] (Wayne “Dempsey” Worner) serve as co-directors of the study.

Tax-exempt property in Montgomery County: Interactive map

Some preliminary research on the tax base in Montgomery County has been completed. Much of the property is tax exempt because it belongs to charitable, religious, or educational organizations or is national forest property. Because so much property in Montgomery County is tax exempt, the source of income for public schools and other county services falls significantly on residential taxes.

An interactive map prepared by the county shows tax-exempt parcels in Montgomery County and the type of exemption (for example, charitable, educational). Click on the map in the upper left corner of the "tax exempt property" site to launch the application. Use the legend at the right side of the screen to determine the type of exemption. Click on a parcel to learn the owner of the property. Double click on the map to expand the view.