New City Charter

New City Charter

Support to change the San Bernardino City Charter
Position In Brief: 

Support to change the San Bernardino City Charter

Position History: 

The League of Women Voters of San Bernardino have studied the Charter numerous times (1955, 1959, 1960, 1966... most recently in 2001 and 2004). Knowledge gained through these studies was utilized in the creation of our position on the city charter. 

Since 2014 LWV San Bernardion has had a charter review Committee.

Conducted Workshop on May 17 2016.

The new Charter was placed on the San Bernardino City ballot in 2016.



Support measures to secure an orderly and simplified San Bernardino City Charter, with provisions that enable the Mayor and the Common Council to deal with city problems transparently, efficiently, flexibly, and with responsibilities and authority clearly defined.

The City Charter should:

  1. Provide a framework that allows details to be placed in ordinances passed by the Mayor and Common Council.
  2. Provide a government where decisions and the processes used to arrive at decisions are transparent, so that citizens can participate effectively.
  3. Provide a government that is responsible, representative, accountable, and responsive to the citizens.
  4. Address ethics in government.
  5. Provide for succession of elected officials.
  6. Contain fair, understandable election procedures.
  7. Be written in lay language.
  8. Be accessible to all.
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