Corrections System: Juvenile Justice

Corrections System: Juvenile Justice

We support measures to achieve an effective juvenile justice system.
Position In Brief: 

The League of Women Voters of Ventura County supports measures to achieve an effective juvenile justice system. (1994-95)

Position History: 

2004 Toured new Juvenile Justice facility for the County just before it opened.
2000 Appeared before Board of Supervisors in support of new Juvenile Justice complex.
         Opposed Proposition 21 on state ballot, changing age when juveniles can be tried as adults and other changes in juvenile treatment.

Social Policy Position 

Corrections System: Juvenile Justice

Specifics of Position

1. Emphasis on diversion and rehabilitation consistent with public safety.
    a) Recognition of the need to treat juveniles differently from adults because juvenile cognitive, developmental and behavioral maturity is in the formative stage.
    b) Accountability:
    Restitution
    Penalties for failure to honor terms of contracts with Probation Office, School Attendance Review Board, or other agencies.
    Participation in victim reconciliation programs.
2. Early intervention and diversion programs.
    Child and domestic abuse counseling.
    Parenting classes.
    Community involvement: tutors, mentors, recreational programs.
    Day treatment centers.
    At-risk profiles as a diagnostic tool.
3. Adequate physical facilities.
    a) Replacement of outmoded buildings
    b) Expansion of facilities.
    c) Provision for separation of distinct populations.
     Those awaiting court hearing.
     First-time offenders.
     Repeat or serious offenders.
    d) Establishment of residential youth camps.
    e) Expansion of court facilities.
4. Post-detention facilities to bridge release from correctional facilities and re-entry into the community. Day-treatment centers providing:
    a) Education.
    b) Social services such as counseling and substance abuse programs.
    c) Life skills and vocational classes.
5. Adequate statistical data to:
    a) Measure effectiveness of programs.
    b) Analyze recidivism rate.
    c) Develop standard reporting system for public information.
    d) Develop an at-risk assessment profile.
    e) Furnish clear financial reports to the public which reflect revenue sources and expenditures for juvenile justice.

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