History of LWVCC

History of LWVCC


 A brief history of the League of Women Voter of Concord and Carlisle, MA

In 1930, ten years after the founding of the National League of Women Voters and the passage of the 19th amendment, The Concord League of Women Voters was founded, under the leadership of Miss Sarah Goodwin, a prominent Concordian. Among its first members were many of Concord's leading suffragists and from that day until the present, the Concord League of Women Voters has played an active role in encouraging the understanding and full participation of all citizens in their local government. In the late 1960s, the Concord League expanded to include Carlisle.

The League focuses on three things, study, action, and voter service. Among the many local issues the League has studied are: local government, land use planning and acquisition, public education, housing, recreation, and long-range planning.

The League is non-partisan and does not support individual candidates or political parties. The League does support issues that it has studied. And over the years the League has supported, and in some cases introduced warrant articles in Town Meetings.

As a service to the voter, each year the League offers a number of informational forums, free and open to the general public on issues affecting the citizens of Concord and Carlisle. It holds an annual candidates forum for those citizens running for public offices and encourages all citizens to become actively engaged in the government of their community by voting, attending town meetings, and serving on Board and Committees.

Members of the Concord-Carlisle League are also members of the LWV of Massachusetts and the LWVUS. In addition to local issues, many members are actively engaged in state and national issues as well. Full membership was first reserved for women only, it is now open to all and the League has a number of men among its membership. Membership information can be obtained from this site or by sending an e-mail to Membership [at] lwvcc.org.

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