How to Access Minuteman Media Network

How to Access Minuteman Media Network

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Tips on Accessing Content on Minuteman Media Network

Concord’s new Minuteman Media Network (MMN) website provides access to the PEG (public, education and government) programs and other shows that are being broadcast on Channels 8 (Public), 9 (Government), and 99 (Education), and available on-line when you want.  These programs used to be aired and stored on the former CCTV website. 

Go to the main MMN page

The main page has tabs for the Public, Education, and Government channels, the MMN YouTube, a contact (email), plus a calendar that shows the filming schedule and an archive link. A schedule showing the broadcast dates and times will eventually be displayed on this web page.

To watch a channel live:

Click "Public" (channel 8) or "Education" (channel 99) or "Government" (channel 9).

To watch a recorded PEG video go to the MMN YouTube Channel

MMN has set up over 23 playlists (groups) of videos.

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