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President's Corner



Julie Rohwein, President

Plans for 2019-20

Spring is in the air once again, and a person’s thoughts turn to ... well, in this case, planning for next year. Our League has a full plate of activities and events in the offing open to all members. 

 2020 marks the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the League of Women Voters and the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Plans are underway to mark the occasion. Please watch MMN and the Bulletin for opportunities to participate in this effort.

 The League’s positions, reached through study and consensus, form the foundation of what we do. They give weight and depth to those moments when the League advocates in support or in opposition. They inform the work of all our committees and help us educate ourselves and the public. It is important, therefore, to review our positions periodically and decide which are still useful, which have outlived their time, and where revision or new study might be warranted. A committee will be formed to carry out a detailed review of local positions.

The Concord and Carlisle Town Government Committees will continue their work keeping watch on the governments of the two towns. In Concord, the next year will bring a new Town Manager.  There is movement in town to encourage a longer range look at the capital needs of the town, including the schools. The Concord Town Government Committee will help our League to stay abreast of developments. 

The Carlisle Town Government Committee will continue to explore means of keeping the public informed of town affairs. A joint fact-finding group (Acton Area and Concord-Carlisle) is forming to deepen local understanding of the complex water resource situation at Nagog Pond. After the fine First Friday on Climate Change in February, there is considerable interest in reactivating a committee on the environment.

Fresh off a successful first foray into the world of Civics Bees, the Education Committee will be expanding and improving LWVCC’s participation for next year. They will also be following developments around the Concord Middle School closely, to help our League and the community stay informed.

The Immigration Committee will be expanding its knowledge of developments regarding immigration and seeking ways to disseminate that information. They hope to encourage discussion and engage in advocacy of League positions related to immigration. 

Last year’s new initiatives will continue, looking to broaden and deepen civic engagement and civics education in the work of all committees, and to provide a program touching on national and/or international issues at least once during the year.

The Communications Committee, Voter Service and Events will all have need of members to carry out their tasks. And our reinvigorated Observer Corps has openings in several areas – a wonderful way to learn about town government first hand. All the many activities undertaken by our League are only possible because of the energy and enthusiasm of our members. I hope that next year holds appealing opportunities for all. 

Julie Rohwein,

LWVCC President

June 2019



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