Expand Healthcare Access in SC

Expand Healthcare Access in SC

Healthcare Access in SC

The League of Women Voters believes that all South Carolinians should have affordable access to a basic level of quality health care that includes behavioral health care and reproductive health care, but the reality is that this remains out of reach for many. We believe that SC should participate in federal programs to provide health care insurance and services for all South Carolinians.

By the numbers…

What percentage of adult South Carolinians are uninsured? 
In 2019, approximately 16% of our state’s adult population (19-64 years old) was uninsured, which amounts to about 467,500 people.
Who are the uninsured in South Carolina?
Among uninsured in South Carolina, 87% are aged 19-64. 55.5% are male. 51.5% are white.
How many people in South Carolina are on Medicaid?
In 2019, there were about 936,000 people on Medicaid. That’s approximately 18.8% of our state’s population on Medicaid.
What is the income limit to receive Medicaid for a family?
A three-person family cannot make more than ~$13,466 per year to qualify for Medicaid in SC.
If South Carolina expanded Medicaid, how many people would have access to health insurance?
Approximately 207,000 people fall in the “coverage gap.” These individuals are not eligible for Medicaid in South Carolina because their income is considered too high for Medicaid, or they do not have children (childless adults).
States that have not expanded Medicaid

Expanding Healthcare Access in South Carolina, Part 1

March 9, 2022

In Part 1 of this series we 1) provide historical context to health insurance access in SC, 2) describe other states' experiences with expanding Medicaid, 3) focus on economic incentives of federal policies to increase healthcare coverage in SC, and 4) share public opinion about increasing healthcare access in SC. 

Watch the recording below, or click here for the slides.

Expanding Healthcare Access in South Carolina, Part 2

March 23, 2022 

In the second session of this Healthcare Access series, we will (1) take a deep dive into misinformation and misconceptions about public health insurance (e.g., Medicaid), (2) address rhetoric concerning healthcare access in SC, and (3) have a Call to Action where we provide talking points and facts that you can share with your networks to keep the conversation going.  

We will also highlight perspectives from the community, including a federally qualified health center and why better healthcare access is great for our SC economy. 

Watch the recording below, or click here for the slides.