Archived Newsletters

Archived Newsletters

Beginning in January 2007, our newsletter, The VOTER, has been published in pdf format.  Previous issues of the newsletter are available at local libraries.

2023 - Volume 50

PDF icon Volume 50, No. 8, October 2023  Future Events: October 17: Monthly program, The Supreme Court: What's Ahead; October 24: Book Club Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, and November 7: Muncipal Elections. Other: Climate Change Reduction Tip; LWVSC files brief in Supreme Court racial gerrymandering case; Recap of September meeting: "Freedom to Read;" and LWVOP Candidate Forums. 

PDF icon Volume 50, No. 7, September 2023  Future Events: September 19: Program on “Freedom to Read: Censorship and Book Bans;" October: Candidate Forums; October 17: Program on “Supreme Court Shadow Docket” and November 7: Municipal Elections. Other: LWVOP has a new meeting place; ACLU/NAACP Book Banning Case in Pickens County; Climate Change is Alive and Well – and Worsening. What Can We Do?; Information on the Municipal Elections; Information on the September Program “The Freedom to Read: Combatting Censorship in our Public Schools and Libraries;" and LWVSC Webinar on Birth Outcomes in South Carolina. 

PDF icon Volume 50, No 6, July 2023  Future Events: August 12: Voter Service Luncheon; August 15: LWVOP annual kickoff for the year with the Women’s Equality Day event, “Beyond the Vote” is the theme; and September 19: Presentation on “Censorship and Book Banning." Other: A story In Memoriam of longtime member Elinor Baron

PDF icon Volume 50, No. 5, May 2023  Future Events: May 9: LWVOP Annual Meeting at Occasions Event Center in Central. Other: Report on the LWVSC Biennial Convention 2023; Newly formed LWVOP Education team; New LWVOP Environmental team gets organized; “Just One Thing” monthly tip from the LWVOP Environmental team; Recap of April Program Meeting: DART – A Project to Teach Older Adults How to Detect Internet Deception; and a Candidate Forum – Seneca City Council’s Special Election.

Volume 50, No. 4, April 2023 Future Events: April 18: LWVOP Program on "What's New in the Media Forensic Hub;" April 29-30: LWVSC Biennial Convention in Columbia; May 9: LWVOP Annual Meeting at Occasions Event Center in Central. Other: Expansion of Medicaid: A Small but Growing Movement; LWVOP Members testify at the Senate Committee on H3728; and proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 - 2024. CORRECTION TO AN ARTICLE IN THE April 2023 VOTER, “REPORT ON Pickens County Voter and Elections Board.” In the article, we included information that was not discussed at the Board meeting. To correct this mistake, please know that everything in the first paragraph following the first sentence “A guest at the meeting made a comment about ERIC and a general discussion followed.” is additional information that was found at and was not part of the meeting.

PDF icon Volume 50, No. 3, March 2023  Future Events: 21: LWVOP Program on “Affordable and Workforce Housing: What Does It Look Like for Our Communities?”. Other: Action Alert! H.3014, the Clementa C. Pinckney Hate Crimes Bill, is going to the Senate – support this bill by calling your Senators; Pickens Board of Elections February takeaway; recap of the February meeting discussion on Medicaid Expansion; first meeting of the new LWVOP Environmental Policy Working Group; information on staffing our County Elections Offices; Initiation of Education Working Team and new member bio.

PDF icon Volume 50, No. 2, February 2023 Future Events: February 21: LWVOP Program on Medicaid Expansion in SC; February 27: Pickens County School Board Meeting; February 28: LWVOP Board Meeting. Other: Preview of February Meeting: Medicaid Expansion in SC; results from the fall 2022 survey; January’s State and Local Program Planning Report; and a report on the LEAD meeting. 

PDF icon Volume 50, No. 1, January 2023 Future Events: January 9: Pickens County Legislative Delegation meeting; January 17: LWVOP “Program Planning” meeting; January 28: LEAD Meeting in Columbia. Other: Check out the LWVOP Website and Facebook; LWVSC Positions in brief; details on the LEAD Meeting; and Recycling in Oconee County.

2022 — Volume 49

PDF icon Volume 49, No.8, November 2022  Events: November Program - K-12 Teacher Shortage Panel Discussion; October update from LWVOP Reproductive Rights Group; Report on October Pickens County School Board Meeting; and Recycling Clemson.

PDF icon Volume 49, No. 7, October 2022  Future Events: October 6: Candidate Forum for Pickens County Council District 1, Clemson City Council Chambers; October 12: Candidate Forum for Clemson City Council, Clemson City Council Chambers; October 18: Program on "What's Happened to Recycling?"; November 8: Midterms Election Day; November 15: Program on "The Teacher Shortage"; and December 13: Holiday Party. Other: Voter registration activities leading up to the November election; Recycling Challenges; The ballot box was NOT stuffed - here's the proof; Reproductive Rights update; and the VOTE411 Report. 

PDF icon Volume 49, No. 6, August 2022  Future Events: September 15: National Voter Registration Day at Technical campuses in Easley and Seneca; September 20: program on "Voting and Elections and More." Other: Time to pay your LWVOP membership dues; LWVOP has been hard at work to protect reproductive rights in South Carolina; 2022 LWVUS Convention highlights and new member bios. 

PDF icon Volume 49, No. 5, May 2022  Future Events: May 14: LWVSC State Council Meeting in Columbia; May 17: LWVOP Annual Meeting; May 19: Webinar by Ted Volskay on Combatting Climate Change - It's Now or Never; June 14: SC Primary Day. Other: an artical on cryptocurrency submitted by Holley Ulbrich and Eleanor Hare; an overview of the health care status in Pickens and Oconee counties submitted by members of the Health Care Team of LWVOP; recap of April LWVOP meeting to anwser the question Is South Carolina Ready for a True Energy Democracy?; and, lastly, a discussion on Bitcoin. 

Volume 49, No. 4, April 2022  Future Events: April 7: Candidates Forum for the Westminster City Council Special Election; April 19: LWVOP presents Penny Cothran who will speak about her work with the Sierra Club and discuss Is SC Ready for a True Energy Democracy? Other: Read the preview of the program with Penny Cothran; May 17: Annual meeting announcement and program; “Ready For 100” Sierra Club campaign; check out LWVOP’s updated Facebook page and website; and the Treasurer’s report and proposed budget. 

PDF icon Volume 49, No. 3, March 2022 Future Events: March 9: virtual webinar on Health Policy by Charleston LWV, Pt. One; Foothills Sierra Club presents Oconee Nuclear Station Concerns on March 12; LWVOP virtual program on March 15: Dollars and Sense: Health Care for the Underserved in Our Community; virtual webinar on Health Policy by Charleston LWV, Pt. Two on March 23. Other: Recap of February meeting: Kim Carter, associate director of LGBTQ+ programming at Clemson's Gantt Multicultural Center, provided insights on LGBTQ+ common experiences, the use of pronouns, and legislation that has been introduced that will harm this community. For Kim's book recommendations, read this issue of The VOTER. Read about a plutonium pit manufacturing plant that the federal government is planning to construct at the Savannah River Site near Aiken. Action Alert: Reproductive Health and Rights.

PDF icon Volume 49, No. 2, February 2022 Future Events: LWVOP virtual program on February 15 at 7 pm: LGBTQ+ Community Awareness. Other: Election officials in Oconee and Pickens Counties emphasized that they want the public to know elections in their respective counties are transparent and being conducted by the book. Recap of LEAD meeting — items discussed included tracking progress on various bills, redistricting and Civics Education in the public schools.

Volume 49, No. 1, January 2022  Future Events: January 18 at 7 pm, a program presented virtually by a panel from the election commissions of Pickens and Oconee Counties; January 20 at 6:30 pm, Oconee Delegation meeting at Seneca City Hall; January 22 at 5 pm, LEAD Statewide Virtual meeting. Other: Ideas on how to act now to reach international goal of no more than 1.5 C warming. 

2021 — Volume 48

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 7, November 2021  Future Events:  Special November meeting, November 16 @ 7:00 PM to get input on how we might improve our communication efforts. Regular November monthly meeting, November 29 @ 7:00 PM - Senator Rex Rice (Senate Judiciary Committee), Representative Neal Collins (House Judiciary Committee) and Representative Jerry Carter (House Medical Committee) to participate in panel discussion to answer questions on redistricting, voter rights, healthcare, and more. Other: Highlights on Home Rule; new Working Group at State League Level needs LWVOP representative; Review of Town of Central Candidate Forum; Oconee County Board of Voter Registration and Elections Meeting; Anderson's First Candidate Forum; Vote 411 Report on 2021 Election.

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 6, October 2021  Future Events: October 21 - Candidate forums; Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month events. Other: League name changed to League of Women Voters of Oconee and Pickens Counties (LWVOP), Anderson is a MAL unit; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Learning Opprortunities for October; National Voter REgistration Day; Converstaion with Senator Rex Rice regarding SC Election System Legislation.

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 5, September 2021  Future Events: September Meeting: Redistricting by Matt Saltzman; October Meeting: Home Rule with Holley Ulbrich; Candidate Forums for Local Municipal Elections; November Meeting: Conversations with our State Legislators. Other: Help needed for Vote411,Update on name change, Women’s Equality Day review, LWVCA Redistricting Activities, SAFE Committee acts to increase diversity, New Member Bios (Pat Spurlock, Carrell Dammann, Susan Coryell), Statewide Working Groups Address League Issues: Programming and Advocacy.

PDF icon June 2021 Future Events:  LWV voter registration opportunity at the Juneteenth Festival, June 19, 11 AM - 5 PM at Norton Thompson Park on Mail Street in downtown Seneca. Other: Name change to League of Women Voters – Anderson, Oconee, Pickens (LWV-AOP), Local Positions, State Convention Notes, Member-At-Large (MAL) Unit for Anderson County, Climate Change, Plans to move forward in the SAFE Group, Health Care Group requests help to increase COVID-19 Vaccinations in our area, New Member Bios (Anna McKenna, Cherie Walker, Janet Price, and Jeanne van den Hurk).

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 4, April 2021   Events: Braver Angels Bridging the Political Divide Workshop (April 13 via Zoom), April General Meeting – Dr. Khoa Truong of Clemson University on the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic (April 20 via Zoom), Annual Meeting – Claudia Smith-Brinson, Stories of Struggle: The Clash over Civil Rights in South Carolina, will vote on name change at Annual Meeting. Other: Working Group on Health Care, Clemson Area Pledge to End Racism (CAPER): Living the Pledge Workshop, Officers for 2021, Senate Bill S1 – For The People Act, SAFE Committee Welcomes Lynn Teague, Congressional Interview Program.

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 3, March 2021   Future Events: City Council Candidate Forum (March 16-17 via Zoom),March Meeting: Dr. Rhondda Thomas, Call My Name, Clemson: Documenting the Black Experience in Clemson Diversity History (March 16 via Zoom). Other: Anderson County League is being restarted, Bill H3444 on the Composition and Duties of the State Election Commission (SEC), Oconee Food Summit Regroup Assembly 2021, LWVSC Position on Affordable Housing, LWVSC Redistricting Workgroup Progress, Pyrolysis Bill 3573 Under Consideration, Cities of Clemson and Pickens Council Elections March 23.

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 2, February 2021   Future Events: Zoom Meetings for March, April and May; State Convention. Other: LWVSC forming 2021 Redistricting Advisory Committee, Hunger and Food Insecurity in Pickens County Update in the Context of COVID-19, Book Review - Caste: The Origins of our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson, Notice of Special Enrollment Periood for the Affordable Healthcare Act, A Looming Threat: Climate Change, New Member Bio (Marjorie Campbell).

PDF icon Volume 48, No. 1, January 2021 Future Events: Election 2022: Takeaways from Successful Election 2020 Work (Zoom meeting Jan 19); League Education and Advocacy Day (LEAD) (Zoom Meeting Jan 23) Other: LWVUS and LWVEF Call for the Removal of President Trump form Office,Name change for LWVCA, Passing of Bill Hare long-time League member, New Member Bio (Eunice Lehmacher), Voter registration during a pandemic, Message to the Legislative Delegation of Pickens County

2020 — Volume 47

PDF icon Volume 47, No. 6, November 2020  Future Events: Get to Know Our Elected Officials Zoom; Other: Vote411 Down-Ballot Summary; Dr. Barbara Nesbitt (Assistant Superintendent School District of Pickens County) Addressing the Digital Divide in Education; League Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action Plan; Pickens County NAACP/LWV Voter Outreach; New Member Bio (Amanda Frasier Wong); Certification Process for Provisional Ballots, LWVCA Safe & Fair Elections Group (SFEG).

PDF icon Volume 47, No. 5, September 2020  Future Events: Candidate Forums, Other: Election Information, LWVCA Safe and Fair Elections Group, New Member Bios (Toni Downes King, Jane and Frank Powell), Linda Gahan Honored, Letter to the Reader, Volunteers Needed for Vote411, Note on Books, "In Her Shoes" and "Drawing the Vote"

PDF icon Volume 47, No. 4, August 2020  Future Events: Women's Equality Day.  Other: A Tribute to Berniece Holt, New Members (Bill and Allison Ranson), New Payment Option for Dues, Book Review (Drawing the Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Voting in America), LWV Environmental Issues Update, Lowering CO2 Levels, The Case for Masks

PDF icon Volume 47, No. 3, June 2020  Future Events: Annual Meeting: (Election of Officers, Approval of Budget, Bylaws Changes), LWVSC Education Working Group Seeks Input.  Other: Vote411 report, 2020 Census Report, Social Justice in Environmental Organizations, New Member (Michael Wood), Poll Workers Needed, Program Planning Report

PDF icon Volume 47, No. 2, February 2020 Future Events: General Meeting: (Election Processes in SC, Feb. 18), Program Planning (Feb. O29). Past Events:   LEAD (Leadership, Education and Advocacy Day), Review of January Meeting (Lakes and Bridges Charter School), Voter Registration (Clemson football players and high schools); , Other: Book Review (Countdown to Zero Day), Public Testing of Absentee Ballots, Proposal to National Convention.

PDF icon Volume 47, No. 1, January 2020  Future Events: General Meeting: (Lakes and Bridges Charter School, Jan. 21), LSAD Day (Jan. 25), Voter Registration Drive, Ptogram Planning (Feb.29), Post Card Effort. Past Events:  Review of November Meeting (SC Environmental Law Project), Other:   Report from Local Study Committee, New Member (Kathy Naeseth).

2019 — Volume 46

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 8, November 2019   Future Events: General Meeting: (Environmental Protection in SC, Nov. 19), Holiday Party (Dec. 17); . Past Events: Voter egistration, Candidate Forum (Westmister), Review of October Meeting (Retistricting); , Other: China - Emergence of a New World Order ? (Part 1), New Members (Becky Jo Clark, Fllen Kochansky).

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 7, October 2019  Future Events: General Meeting: Redistricting (Oct. 15). Public Demonstration of voting Systems; Past Events: Voter Registration; Other: Clemson Area Better Angels, Statehood for DC?, New Meembers (Nicki Harvey, Sandra Land), Remembering Ben Turetzky.

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 6, September 2019  Future Events: General Meeting: Active Shooter Preparedness (Sept. 17); Past Events:  Welcome Back & Celebration of the 19th Amendment; Other: Suggested reading: The Second Amendment: A Biography , Summer Book Group, "Build a Better Clemson", New Member (Carolyn Bishop-McLeod).

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 5, August 2019   Future Events:  Welcome Back (Aug. 27); Past Events:  General Meeting: Education, Annual Meeting; Other: Spirit of Democracy Award (Cheryl Lee), Voting System Purchase, National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 24), Vote411.

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 3, March 2019   Future Events: General Meeting: Immigration (Mar. 26); Past Events:  Geneeral Meeting: Artificial Intelligence; Other: , Call to LWVSC Convention, Proposed 2019 - 2020 LWVCA Budget, Book Suggestion (The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border), New Members (Marty Bynum, Norma Budke, Julie Weir ).

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 2, February 2019    Future Events: General Meeting: Artifical Intelligence (Feb, 19); Past Events:  Geneeral Meeting: Climate Change, State and Local Program Planning, LEAD Day, New Member Orientation;  Other: Why Should We Care About Cyber-Warfare?, New Member (Kathy Bargeron).

PDF icon Volume 46, No. 1, January 2019    Future Events: General Meeting: Environment (Jan. 15), LEAD Day (Jan. 19), Program Planning (Jan. 26);  Past Events: Geneeral Meeting: Legislative Panel (Nov. 13), Holiday Party (Dec. 18); Other:Vote411 is in Our Furture, New Members (John Dyar, Mac Wood).

 2018 — Volume 45

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 8, November 2018   Guest Message (Better Angels team);  Future Events: General Meeting: Legislative Panel (Nov. 13); Past Events: SC House Dist. 10 Candidate Forum, Clemson City Council Candidate Forum, Report on Oct 16 meeting on elections;  Other: Biologist member writes about the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), New Members (Mary Hilliard, Evelyn Kochansky).

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 7, October 2018  Guest Message (Linda Gahan);  Future Events: General Meeting on Elections (Oct. 16); Past Events:   Guest Message (Linda Gahan);  Future Events: General Meeting on Elections (Oct. 16); the Troll Factory, , Candidate Forum (SC House District 2); Other:  National Voter Registration Day/Week, Making Our Elections Less Vulnerable to Fraud, Vote411, New Members (Brad Russell, Lynn Batizy).

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 6, September 2018   Future Events: Tracking the Troll Factory (Sept. 18), National Voter Registration Day; Past Events:  Women's Equality Day; Other:  Letter to the Editor (Patty Warner), State Elections Commission Board Meeting, New Members (Lilian Boatwright, Patricia Moynihan, Mary Tavolacci )

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 5, July 2018   Future Events: Women's Equality Day (Aug. 21); Past Events:  LWVUS Convention, LWVSC State Council, LWVCA Annual Meetingm Candidate Forums; Other:  "Heal the Divide" Moves Forward , New Members (Ginger Carner, Donna Rafert).

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 4, April 2018   Future Events: April General Meeting (Healing the Divide), State Council; Invitation to Annual Dinner; Past Events:  Wine Tasting; Other: Nominating Committee Report, Proposed Budget, Proposed Bylaw changes, Proposed Study of number of county council members in Pickens County, Voter Registration in Progress, New Member (Molly Dunn-Devine)

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 3, March 2018   Future Events: March General Meeting (Changing Health Care through Legislation), State Council; Past Events:  review of meeting on Climate Change; Other: Advocacy (protest oil and gas drilling off SC), Vote411, 50th Anniversary photo, New Members (Liz Purcell, Shelia Crawford, Ellen Kochansky).

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 2, February 2018   Future Events: February General Meeting (The Science of Climate Change) Past Events: Celebration of 50th Anniversary of our League, Lead Day, Program Planning Meeting, November General Meeting;  Other: Proclamation from City of Clemson celebrating our anniversary, Committee Reports (Advocacy, Membership), In Memorial (GeorgePolk)

PDF icon Volume 45, No. 1, January 2018  Future Events: January General Meeting (The Teacher Shortage: An Impending Crisis), 50th Anniversary Celebration, Program Planning (Feb. 3); Past Events: Holiday Party, Advocacy Workshop; Other: Voter Registration, CHIP Funding in SC, New Member (Linda Law)

 2017 — Volume 44

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 8, November 2017   Future Events: November General Meeting (Improving the Viability of the SC "Corridor of Shame:), Advocacy Workshop;  Past Events: October General Meeting (Redistricting;  Other: Book Review (Thatk You For Being Late), Will Congress Authorize Funding For CHIP?, Why Do We Have So Few Choices in the General Election ?, New Members (Judy Benson, Julie Ogletree, Carolyn Miller, Pam and Patrick Warren).

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 7, October 2017  Future:  October General Meting (Redistricting) Past Events: Redistricting Workshop; Other: National Voter Registration Day, New Citizens Register in Greer, News Members (Jennifer Ruth, Michael Ellison, Isabel Candela, .Shari Jung, Sandra Lineman, Vera and Subhash Anand, Martha Usher).

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 6, September 2017   Future Events: September General Meeting (Internet Security, Privacy, and How to Protect Yourself)Past Events:Women's Equality Day; Other: Voters Should Choose Their Representatives and Not Vice Versa, Thoughts on Defending Personal Information, OLLI Class (Following Information Using Government Websites, $17), My League Story (Aleta Robinson), National Members (Holley Ulbrich, Aleta Robinson, Reggie Turetzky), In Memoriam (Dianne Hazleton)

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 5, May 2017   Past Events: Annual Dinner, State Conention; Other: Observer Corps (Oconee County Council, 4/17/2017), New member welcome (Catherine Farris, Joanne Shalaby, Ann Fuhr, Carolyn Huff, James Claeys, Marty Duckenfield, Jill Gemmill, Cece Parker, Cassie Thomas, Ruth Reed, Lois Martin).

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 4, April 2017   Future Events: General Meeting (April 18, Small Town Leadership), State Convention (April 29 & 30), Annual Dinner (May 9); Past Event: Government Issue Group; Other: Treasurer's Report & Proposed Budget, Nominating Committee Report, Voter Service (Jazz at Ram Cat AlleyFuture Events: General Meeting (Feb. 21, SC State Energy Plan), State Convention (April 29-30); Past Events: LEAD DAY; Other: New Age of Activism, Tri-County Women's March, ACA Benefits Medicare, New Member (Christine Prado), Sad News (John Martin).), Wine Tasting photos.

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 3, March 2017   Future Events:  March General Meeting (March 21, Child Welfare),Wine Tasting (April 1), Tour of SCG&E Energy Innovation Center (April 6, Charleston), April General Meeting (April 18, Small Town Mayors), State Convention (April 29-30, Columbia), Annual Meeting and Dinner (May 9); Past Events: Good Government Issue Group; Other:Youth Voter Registration Project

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 2, February 2017   Future Events: General Meeting (Feb. 21, SC State Energy Plan), State Convention (April 29-30); Past Events: LEAD DAY; Other: New Age of Activism, Tri-County Women's March, ACA Benefits Medicare, New Member (Christine Prado), Sad News (John Martin).

PDF icon Volume 44, No. 1, January 2017   Future Events:  Pickens County Legislative Delegation (Jan. 9), Good Government Issue Group (Jan. 10), Health Care Consensus (Jan. 17), LEAD Day (Jan. 28), Program Planning (Feb. 4), Solar and Alternative Energy (Feb. 21);  Other: New member welcome (Janet McLeod, Fran and Stuart Rundlett), Can We Save Medicare?

2016 — Volume 43

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 8, November 2016   Future Events:  Holiday Party, Nov General Meeting (Education), Jan Genral Meeting (Health Care);  Past Events:  Clemson City Council Forum (photo);  Other:  Say Issue Groups, Help Wanted, New Member (Louise Huey), New Address (Elinor Baron), NO! to Internet Voting.

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 7, October 2016   Future Events:  Earth Dialogue (Oct. 24, Creating Environmental Stewards),  Past Events: September Meeting (Election Issues); Other:  Voter Registration (637), Candidate Forum (Pickens County School Board, District 3), Voting We Can Trust 3 (The Illusory Recount), Observer Corps (Seneca City Council), Transitions (Elinor Baron, Albert Holt, New Member (Gretchen Saule).

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 6, September 2016  Future Events: &nbspSeptember Meeting (Sept. 20, politics, gerrymandering); PastEvents:Past Events:&nbspWomen's Equality Day Celebration, Other: A Story of Birds and Bees (pesticides), Voting We Can Trust 2 (South Carolina System Makes Hacking Difficult), League Activity Opportunities. 

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 5, August 2016    Future Events:  Calendar, Voter Registration, Help Us Register New Citizens, Sept. Earth Dialogue;  Past Events:  Lobby Day and Convention 2016, Candidate Forums, Observer Repts (Pickens County Council), Annual Meeting;  Other:  Issue Groups Explained, Voting We Can Trust: Paper Ballots.

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 4, May 2016   Future Events:  Invitation to Annual Meeting, LWV-SC BI-Annual Council, Currently Schedule Candidate Forums;  Past Events:  New MemberOrientation, Taking Effective Action on Legislation;  Other:  Legislative Updates from Lynn Teague, New Member Welcome (Pamela Davison-Smith), Quick Review of Voter ID, Sponsor of Earth Dialogue, and Observer Reports.

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 3, April 2016   Future Events:  April Meeting: Roads, Annual Meeting: S C Energy Innovation Center, National Voter Registration Day;  Past Events:  March Meeting: Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence, Wine Tasting Success;  Other:  Annual Budget, Nominations, Opinion: One Woman's Experience with Voter ID.

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 2, March 2016   Future Events:General Meeting on the Status of Women in SC, Wine Tasting FUNdraiser, Annual Meeting;  Past Events:   Criminal Justice meeting, Program Planning/Consensus Meeting, Sarah Leverette's Wise Words at LEAD Day;  Other:  New Member Welcome (Ted Taylor, B. R. Skelton), Voter Registration Update.

PDF icon Volume 43, No. 1, February 2016   Future Events:  Annual meeting on Criminal Justice, Wine Tasting, Annual Meeting; Past Events  Student Voter Registration Success, Holiday Party; Other:  Carl Ulbrich (1932-2015), New Member Welcome (Shelley Freeman, Elizabeth Vogt, Brad Meyer), Opinion: We Need a Solar Bill of Rights, Pickens County Leg. Del. Meeting, Book Review: Just Mercy,

2015 — Volume 42

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 8, December 2015   Future Events: Holiday Party, Student Voter Registration, Anderson County Leg. Del. meeting, Pickens Co. Leg. Del. meeting;  Past Events:  League Testimony to SC Leg. Committee, General Meeting on Water, Lynn Teague talks to Clemson Univ. Students;   Other:  Welcome to New Members ( Dan Warner, Ellen Saltzman), Book Review: Give Us the Ballot by Ari Berman, Book Review: Harness the Sun by Philip Warburg.

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 7, November 2015   Future Events:  General Meeting on Water, Fall Voter Registration, Consensus on Constitutional Amendments;  Past Events:  Meeting on Money in Politics, New Member Orientation;  Other:  Welcome New Members (Nigel and Cary Kaye, Pat and John Martin, Matt Saltzman).

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 6, October 2015   Future Events: Meeting on Money and Politics (Oct. 20), New Member Orientation (Oct. 20), Meeting on Water (Oct. 20);  Past Event: Meeting with Local Legislators;  Reports:  Affordable Primary Healthcare at Foothills Community Healthcare FQHC, Observer Corps (Pickens County Elections Sept. 1 and Clemson City Council Sept. 21), Book Summary (BLUE FUTURE by Maude Barlow);  Other:  Welcome to New Members (Ann Russell, Sarah McNeill, Matt Saltzman, Heather Cumbie), League Requests Assistance of SC Attorney General.

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 5, September 2015   Future Events: Meeting with our Legislators (Sept. 15), Preview of meeting on Campaign Finance Reform (Oct. 20), National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 22);  Past Events: Voter Registration Efforts, Meeting with David Ball to plan Health Care Study, Women's Equality Day Celebration (Aug. 25);  Reports:  An Elections Dilemma in Pickens County, Observer Corps/Pickens County Board of Registration & Elections, Observer Corps/Pickens County Council;  Other:  Disposing of unwanted medications.

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 4, May 2015    Future Events: Women's Equality Day (Aug. 25), Preview of Fall General Meetings;  Past Events: Annual Meeting (Walker Miller on Policies for the Future of Food), Convention (A New Member's Impressions), April Meeting (the ACA and Medicaid Expansion in SC), New Member Orientation;  Reports: Observer Corps (Clemson City Council, Pickens County School Board);  Other:  Shayna Howell article in LWV Blog.

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 3, April 2015   Future Events:  General Meeting on Health Care (April 21);  Annual Meeting: Policies for the Future of Food (May 5); &nbsp:Reports: General Meeting (Are Corporations People?), The Green Crescent:  Making a More Walk-able, Bike-able Clemson;  Special Feature: Pictures from our Wine Tasing FUNdraiser;   Opinion: The House of Representatives Budget Resolution is Bad News;  Observer Corps: Pickens County School Board, Clemson Planning Commission, URLs of minutes;  League Business: Nominating Committee Report, Change to Local Program statement.

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 2, March 2015    Future Events:  General Meeting on Financing Elections (Mar. 17), Convention 2015, Annual Meeting  (May 5);  Reports from LEAD Day:  Mike Shealy, Kyle Michel;  Past Events:  General Meeting on Immigration (Feb. 17), Other:  Proposed 2015-16 Budget, Guest Editorial on Pickens County Schools (Robin Miller);  Obituary:  Bill Steirer

PDF icon Volume 42, No. 1, February 2015    Future Events:  Program Planning (Feb. 14), General Meeting on Immigration (Feb. 17);  Past Events: January meeting on nuclear waste and Savannah River Plant, Holiday Party photo;  Other: Catherine Mobley wins Class of '39 Award, A New and Impressive Voting Machine, Statement to the Pickens County Delegation, LWV Blogs.

2014 — Volume 41

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 9, Decmber 2014   Future Events: Holiday Party; Past Events: Meeting on SC Public Schools; Candidate Forum Clemson City Council; Other:  Voting Snafu in Pendleton, SC Supreme Court Education Decision, Patriotic Partners, New SC Plans and Benefits (HealthCare.Gov), Medical Help for the Uninsured, How states can help undo Citizens United, Book Report (The ALL NEW Don't Think of an Elephant).

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 8, November 2014   Future Events: General Meeting on Education; Candidate Forums: Pickens County School Board (District 2), Oconee County School Board (District 1); Other:  Voter Registration, There is NOT an App for That (reading barcodes on ballots), Views expressed by Pickens County School Board candidates.

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 7, October 2014   Future Events: November meeting on public school funding; Past Events:  General Meeting on How to Influence Local Government; Other: Explanaition of Voter Photo ID Requirement, Explanation of ballot questions, Discussion of electing the Adjutant General; Letter to the Editor: Proposed Oconee sales tax referendum.

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 6, September 2014   Future Events:2014-2015 Calendar, General Meeting on Citizen Input to Land Use Decisions; Past Events: Report on LWVUS Convention, Report on Women's Equality Day Celebration, Reports on Voter Registration activities; Candidate Forums photos; Other: Not-for-profit groups cut cost of voting machines, Hobby Lobby Holding as a law student would learn it, Women legislators need to step criminal domesic violence; Letter to the Editor How pressing is the need for new voting technology?

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 5, May 2014   Future Events: Anderson County Candidates Forum, May 12; Oconee County Council Forum, May 19; SC House of Representatives, District 3 Forum, May 22; SC House of Representatives, District 5 Forum, May 27; LWV National Convention in Dallas, June 6-10; Democratic and Republican Party Primaries, June 10;  Past Events: Common Core Standards Meeting; 2013-2014 Successes; SC Inland Port; SC State Council Meeting; Elaine Epstein Honored; High School Voter Registration; Observer Corps Reports (Clemson Planning Commission and Clemson City Council for April and May); Other: Photo: Red, White and Blue Hybrids.

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 4, April 2014   Future Events: Common Core Standards, April 15; LWVSC Council Meeting, April 26; Annual Meeting with Reno Deaton on the SC Inland Port, April 29;  Past Events: Forum for Pickens County School Board District 5, Wine Tasting Fundraiser - Huge Success, Forum for Oconee County Special Election, LWV Tests Voting Machines; Other: Voting Machine News, ACA and Health Care Landscape, Common Core Standards, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 3, March 2014   Future Events: General Meeting (March) Panel discussion of Affordable Care Act, March 25; Pickens County School Board Candidate's Forum, March 27; General Meeting (April) Common Core Standards, April 15; LWVSC Leadership Council, April 26  Past Events: Summary of Consensus of Agricultural Policy; Other: Rethinking Observer Corps, Photo: Candidates for Seneca City Council, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 2, February 2014   Future Events: National Program Planning Meeting, February 1; General Meeting: Consensus on Agriculture Policy, February 18; Fourth Annual Wine Event, February 22; Past Events: Election Directors Explain Election Mechanics, Truthful Tuesday Report, Report on Oconee Legislative Delegation Meeting; Other: Call to Action: Oppose HB3943 and SB 300, Common Core Standards, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 41, No. 1, January 2014   Future Events: 2014 Pickens County Legislative Delegation Annual Public Meeting, January 2; 2014 Oconee County Legislative Delegation Annual Public Meeting, January 6; Truthful Tuesday, January 14; General Meeting: "Ready, Set, Vote", January 21; National Program Planning Meeting, February 1; Wine Tasting Fundraiser, February 22; Past Events: Summary of Consensus of Agricultural Policy; Other: Take Action on Ethics Legislation, In Memoriam: Dr. Mary T. Kelly, Statement to Pickens Legislative Delegation, New Member Introduction, Advocacy with Lynn Teague, Project XX-SC, SC Hospitals Lose Millions, Photos: Holiday Party, Successful Advocacy Story, Clemson Comprehensive Plan Needs You, New Year's Resolution, LWVUS Agriculture Study Update, Observer Corps Schedule.

2013 — Volume 40

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 8, November 2013   Future Events: Municipal Elections, November 5; General Meeting: Voting Technology, November 19; Holiday Party, December 10; Past Events: October Meeting Recap, Legislative Panel in September; Candidate Forum in Central; Other: New Meeting Place at OLLI, Obtaining Insurance - ACA, Discussion of Pickens County School Board Membership, Pickens County Election Commission Provides Photo ID, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 7, October 2013   Future Events: Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Exchange Program, October 7; Federally Facilitated Health Insurance Exchange Program, October 8; General Meeting: SC Water and Conservation, October 15; Candidates' Forum for Central Town Council Candidates, October 29; Past Events: National Voter Registration Day; Other: Health Care Exchanges, Petition to Add At-Large Pickens School Board Member, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 6, August 2013    Future Events: Voter Registration on CU Campus, August 20; League Leaders Day, August 24; Women's Equality Day, August 26; New Member Welcome/Program Year Kickoff, August 27; General Meeting; Legislative Delegate Panel, September 17; National Voter Registration Day, September 24; Other: 2013-2014 Calendar, Volunteers for 2013-2014, Upcoming Elections in 2013, LWVCA Dues Notice, Home Rule, Cost Comparison of Voting Technologies, Voter Photo ID Card Poorly Executed, LLD Registration Form, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 5, May 2013   Future Events: New Member Welcome/Program Year Kickoff, August 27; Holiday Party, December 10; Wine Tasting Fundraiser, February 15; LWVCA Annual Meeting, May 6; Past Events: Oconee Hot Topics with Scott Mulder; Annual Meeting Recap, Spirit of Democracy Award, Report on April Meeting: Act 388, ; Other: Youth Voter Registration Project, Advocacy: Sales Tax on Internet Purchases, Project Vote Investigation, LWVSC Convention Photos, Advocacy: Ethics Legislation, Home Rule Issues, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 4, April 2013   Future Events: Oconee Hot Topics with Scott Mulder, Mar 27; General Meeting: Paying for Education, April 9; LWVSC State Convention, April 27-28; LWVCA Annual Meeting, April 30; Past Events: Report on March Meeting: Health Care Policy Issues and SC, Wine Tasting Event a Rousing Success; Other: High School Voter Registration, Proposed Budget, Local Program and Nominating Committee Report, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 3, March 2013    Future Events: General Meeting: Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, March 12; LWVSC State Convention, April 27-28; LWVCA Annual Meeting, April 23; Past Events: Wine Tasting Event a Success, Hot Topics in Pickens County with Jeff Martin; Consensus on Retention & Evaluation of Effective Teachers; Other: New Member Introduction, On Keeping Members, Project Vote, Proposed Budget, Local Program and Nominating Committee Report, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 2, February 2013   Future Events: Photo ID Seminar, Feb 5 and Feb 7; General Meeting: Campaign Finance Reform; Pickens County Hot Topics with Jeff Martin, Feb 15; Wine Tasting Fundraiser, Feb 23; Past Events: Consensus on Teacher Effectiveness, Consensus Questions; Presentation to Pickens County Legislative Delegation on Jan 3, Dollars & Sense in American Politics; Other: Photo ID Requirements - New for 2013, One Woman's Opinion: School Choice, Medicare Expansion in SC, Observer Corps Schedule.

PDF icon Volume 40, No. 1, January 2013    Future Events: Pickens County Legislative Meeting, Jan 3; General Meeting: Campaign Finance Reform, Jan 8; Registration & Election Commission Meeting, Jan. 15; State & Local Program Planning, Jan 19; Wine Tasting Fundraiser, Feb 23; Past Events: Dialogue with B.R. Skelton: Recap, League Assists with Research on Voting; Photos: SC Senate District 2 Forum and Pickens County School District 5 Forum; Other: Volunteering at the Pickens County Elections Commission, Press Release from LWVSC: Three-Judge Panel Blocks SC Voter Photo ID Law for 2012, Observer Corps Schedule.

2012 — Volume 39

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 8, November 2012   Future Events: General Election, Nov. 6; General Meeting: Dialogue with Legislative Panel, Nov. 13; Holiday Party, Dec. 14; Past Events: Photos: Oconee Candidates' Forum; Observer Corps Report from Clemson City Council Meeting; Other: 2012 Voting ID Requirements; General Election SC Constitutional Amendment Question; Update on Act 388.

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 7, October 2012    Future Events: Candidates' Forum SC House District 1 & 2, October 11; Anderson County Council Candidates' Forum, October 15; Candidates' Forum Oconee County Sheriff & Auditor, October 18; Candidates' Forum Oconee County Districts 4 & 5, October 25; Canddiates' Forum Pickens County School Board District 5, October 30; Past Events: National Voter Registration Day, Report on League Leaders' Day, Observer Corps Report for Clemson City Council; Management of SC Water Resources; Other: Candidates in Contested Races for General Election-Summary; Other Pickens County Candidates' Forums; LWVCA Programs for 2012-2013, Membership Renewal, New Members Intro, Photo Voter ID Update.

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 6, September 2012   Future Events: "Where has all the water gone?" Sept. 11; League Leaders' Day (in Columbia), Sept. 15; Action Tuesday (Sept. 18); National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 25);  Past Events: LWVUS Convention; Judiciary Project Closing Forum; Women's Equality Day/Welcome Back; Voter Registration at CU; Other: Voting Requirements; Membership Renewal.

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 5, May 2012   Future Events: Candidates Forum for Oconee County Council Districts 2, 4, & 5, May 8; Candidates Forum SC House Districts 1 & 2, May 10; Candidates Forum for SC House District 3, May 21; Candidates Forum for Pickens County Sheriff, May 29; Candidates Forum for SC Senate Seat 2 & SC House District 4, June 4; Candidates Forum Oconee County District 4, June 4; SC State Primaries for Democratic and Republican Parties, June 12; Past Events: Report on Forum for Oconee County Sheriff; Highlights of "Funding Higher Education"; Action Tuesday Report; LSVSC State Council Report; Observer Corps Report: Clemson City Council; Other: Youth Voter Registration Project, LWVSC Legislative Agenda (as of 4/24/2012), Spirit of Democracy Award.

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 4, April 2012   Future Events: General Meeting: "Higher Education Funding" April 10; SWVSC State Council, April 14; Action Tuesday, April 24; Annual Meeting, May 1; Past Events: Observer Corps Report on Clemson City Council; Other: Proposed Budget, Local Program, and Nominating Committee Report, Proposed By-Laws Changes, Consensus Results on Privatization.

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 3, March 2012   Future Events: General Meeting on Privatization (Mar. 13) and consensus questions; Hot Topics (Mar. 20), Action Tuesday (Mar. 27). Past Events: Wine Tasting Fundraiser (photos), February meeting at "Green Facility" (photo). Other: No Dead Voters Found by State Elections Commission; S1025 is a very good bill.

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 2, February 2012   Future Events: General Meeting (Feb. 14): What's Green in Clemson; Wine Tasting South American Style (Feb. 24); Glancing at March Meeting (March 13); Hot Topics; Past Events: General Meeting on Voting 2012; Other: Highlights of Program Planning; Proposed position on US Post Office; New Photo ID law blocked by DOJ; Possible High Speed Rail Through Clemson

PDF icon Volume 39, No. 1, January 2012   Future Events: Pickens County Legislative Delegation Meeting, January 3; General Meeting: "Voting 2012", January 10; Action Friday (on TUESDAY), January 17; National Program Planning, January 28; Past Events: Glancing at Consensus: Federal Role in Public Education; Photos: Voter Education at Hannah High School; Other: Glancing Ahead to February: "What's Going 'Green' in Clemson"; Voting Rights and the Election Process; Recognizing Robin Kimbrough-Melton.

2010-2011 — Volume 38

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 11, November 2011   Future Events: Action Friday Luncheons November 4, 11, and 18; General Meeting: "Role of the Federal Government in Public Education", November 15; Past Events: The Well-Being of Children: What Advocates Need to Know; Photo: Candidates Forum in Central; Other: Glancing to January: Privatization of Government Services.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 10, October 2011   Future Events: October General Meeting: Well being of South Carolina's Children; November Consensus Meeting: Role of Federal Government in Public Education (includes: History, Common Core Standards, Equity and Funding); Announcement of Candidate Forums in Central and Six Mile; Action Fridays; Past Events: LWVCA's Conversation with our Legislators; League Leaders' Day; Other: Voter Photo ID Update.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 9, September 2011    Future Events: League Leaders' Day, Aug. 27; Welcome meeting, Aug. 30; A night with our legislators, Sept. 13; 2011-2012 Program including Hot Topics and Goals; Action Fridays.  Past Events: Observer Corps Report.  Other: Voter Photo ID Law; Redistricting Update; New officers; Facebook; Update on Auditing the 2010 General Election.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 8, March 2011    Future Events: Judicial Diversity: What's Wrong With the Judge? ; LWVCA Annual Meeting; LWVSC Convention; Past Events: Wine Tasting FUNdraiser; General Meeting on Affordable Care Act; Other: Local Program; Recycling; Voting Systems: Cost Considerations; Nominating Committee Report; Redistricting is Coming; Auditing Electronic Voting Data; Invitation to Annual Dinner; LWVCA Member Survey; LWVCA Budget.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 7, January 2011   Future Events: Schedule of LWVCA Events; February 15 meeting (Under Cover of Darkness); Legislative Advocacy Day; Oconee County Legislative Delegation Meeting; February 20 Wine Tasting Fund Raiser; Other: LWVUS Judiciary Project; Time to Talk with your Legislators; Redistricting; Voting Irregularities in Colleton County; Transparency in Elections; $$ Keep Our Voting Machines Working

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 6, November 2010   Future Events: General Election, November 2; After-Election Party/Commentary, November 4; General Meeting: "South Carolina vs. North Carolina: Go with the Flow", November 9; Book Discussion, November 13; Holiday Party, December 14; State Program Planning/Consensus Questions on School Governance, January 11; Informal Membership Luncheon, January 26; Past Events: September General Meeting Focuses on Education; Photos: Pickens County Council Forum; Conference on Ensuring Judicial Independence & Diversity in South Carolina; Other: Vote411, Active Summer for Voting Machines, New Member Introduction, National Popular Vote: A Strategy for Direct Election of the President and Vice President, Elisabeth MacNamara on the DISCLOSE Act, Fill the GAP! SC Gubernatorial Appointments Project (SC GAP), The $14,286 Tax Deduction: An Update on School Voucher Legislation.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 5, August 2010   Future Events: General Meeting on Education, September 14; Informal Membership Lunch, September 22; Flea Market/Yard Sale, September 29; "A Place at the Table", October 11; Past Events: Tax Policy Update for League Leaders Day; Other: Hot Topics Luncheons, Dues are Due!, Book Discussion Group, 2010-2011 Calendar, Photo: Celebrating Women's Equality Day.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 4, April 2010   Future Events: LWVSC State Council; LWVCA Annual Meeting; LWV National Convention: Voter registration at local high schools; open house for Pickens County Comprehensive Plan; Wine Tasting Fundraiser; Past Events: Prospective Member Luncheon; Other: Nominating Committee Report and Slate of Candidates; Budget Committee Report and Proposed Budget for 2010-2011; Proposed Local Program and Policy Positions for 2010-2011; Response Form (How do you use your newsletter?), Fundraising Letter and Donor Form.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 3, March 2010   Future Events: General Meeting on taxation, March 23; Oconee County Hot Topics Lunch, Apr. 6; LWVSC State Council Meeting, Apr. 24; 2010 Annual Meeting, May 10 (includes interview with our speaker about her trip to Antarctica); LWV National Convention, June 12 - 14;  Past Events: Candidate Forum for the Clemson City Council; February General Meeting on ABCs of Advocacy; Oconee County Legislative Delegation meeting;  Other: Proposed Bylaw changes.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 2, February 2010   Future Events:  General Meeting, Feb. 16, The ABCs of Advocacy; 2010 Legislative Advocacy Day, Feb. 23; 2010 Annual Meeting, May 10; ;  Past Events: 2010-2011 Program Priority Topics; Book Discussion, Going Up the River of Shame; LWVUS President Visits SC; Other: 90th Anniversary League Proclamation;  Discussion of SC Voter ID Bill;   Reassessing Property at Point of Sale; LWV Still Strong After 90 Years.

PDF icon Volume 38, No. 1, January 2010   Future Events: General Meeting, Jan. 19, Program Planning; Book Discussion, Jan. 29, Going Up the River of Shame;  Legislative Advocacy Day2009, Feb. 23 in Columbia; Past Events: "Hot Topics" luncheon in Anderson County; Other: Political Will Needed to Raise SC Cigarette Tax; Membership Committee sponsors New Member Luncheons.

2009 — Volume 37

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 10, November 2009   Future Events: General Meeting with legislators, Nov. 17;   Past Events:  General Meeting on Sustainable Energy;  Candidate Forum for Town of Central elections;  "Hot Topics" lunch in Pickens County;  Other: Thanks to Duke Energy for publishing our directories of public officials; Looking Ahead to the 2010 Census; Spotlight on new member, Ellie Taylor; Know Your State published; Thank-you to Barbara Hamberg; Breaking Big Money's Grip on the Political Process.

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 9, October 2009   Future events: Meeting on Sustainable Energy, Oct. 20, Book discussion, Candidate forum for Central , Dr. Hodding Carter will be at Furman; Past events: Welcome Back Party, Report on September meeting on School Governance;  Other: Census, Oconee County Vision Plan, Insights into Finance and Taxation, Dues are past due.

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 8, September 2009    Future events: General meeting on how we run our schools, Fall book discussion, Hot Topics are coming, Thinking ahead to October meeting on energy;  Past events: Observer Corps report on Anderson County Council meeting, Women in the corrections system and their children;  Other: Learning more about health care reform, LWVCA on Facebook, Report on children and poverty in our area, Local members attend League Leaders' Day, LWVCA dues are due.

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 7, August 2009   Future events: Join the LWVCA Book Discussion, Thinking Ahead to the October Meeting: Considering Sustainable Energy, Yard Sale Announcement; Past events: Oconee County Council Candidate Forum; Other: 2009-2001 Calendar, Report from Program Planning Team, Report from Membership Committee (incl New Member Event in August).

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 5/6, May/June 2009   Future events: Planning for Next Year; Past events: May General Meeting on Water Quality, LWVCA Annual Meeting, picture from State Convention; Other: Introduction of new President, Della Baker; Call for Observer Corps, the Hidden Costs of Coal.

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 4, April 2009   Future events: May General Meeting (Lake Issues), Annual Meeting, Consensus meeting (National Popular Vote Compact); Past events: Candidate Forum for Clemson City Council, Report on the forum for Oconee County School District; Other: Call for observers, Information about action alerts, National Popular Vote Compact consensus questions.

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 3, March 2009   Future events: Annual Meeting, including proposed budget and Nominating Committee Report; LWVSC Convention April 18-19 in Greenville; Clemson City Council Candidate Forum March 24; "Surviving Budget Cuts in Oconee County" March 31; Consensus on the National Popular Vote Compact. Past events: Girls' expert addresses League; Book discussion group (Against the Tide). Other: Report on meeting with the Oconee County Legislative Delegation.

PDF icon Volume 37, No. 2, February 2009   Future events: February General Meeting on issues affecting teen girls such as stereotyping, trauma, teen pregnancy, high school dropout rates, and poor self-esteem.; Book discussion; Announcements of Candidate Forum for Clemson City Council. Forum on Oconee County Schools, Legislative Advocacy Day in Columbia, and Annual Meeting. Past Events: Results of Program Planning; Wne tasting fundraiser. Other: Our statement to the Oconee County Legislative Delegation; Exit poll fundraiser; Tracking legislation in SC

2008 — Volume 36

PDF icon Volume 36, No. 8, November 2008   Future events: November General Meeting on growth management; Past events: LWVCA-sponsored discussion on "Urban Growth, Transportation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions," voter registration efforts, a report on Candidate Forums, book discussion, presentation to high school students; Other: Putting together the Anderson Independent-Mail Voter Guide, LWVCA finances.

PDF icon Volume 36, No. 6/7, September/October 2008   Future events: Candidate Forums, Fall book discussion, Flea Market fund raiser, wine tasting and celebration; Past events: August meeting about elections, Judicial Forum held in Columbia; Other: Dues are due, Anderson Independent-Mail and LWV collaborate to publish candidate information, members-only web site, membership update.

PDF icon Volume 36, No. 5, August 2008   Future events: Growing Cooler (Sept 4), Event for prospective members (Sept 15), Monthly meeting (Sept 16), Book Discussion Group (Oct 11); Past events: League Leaders Day, Candidates Forums for June Primaries, Summer Board Retreat.

PDF icon Volume 36, No. 4, April 2008   Future events: Candidate Forums for Primary Elections. Past events: LWVCA General Meeting on Quality Child Care in South Carolina; Conservation Lobby Day; State Council Meeting; Annual Meeting on April 15. Other: Improving South Carolina Education One Day at a Time; Criminal Justice in South Carolina; Breaking News from LWVUS (Immigration Position, Supreme Count Voter ID Decision); Plants and Books Yard Sale a Soggy Success; Fall Book Discussion; Getting to Know the Incoming LWVCA President (Bea Bailey); Introducing our New Members (Laura Chapman).

PDF icon Volume 36, No. 3, March 2008   Future events: General Meeting: Living in an Era of Mass Incarceration; Annual Meeting; Conservation Lobby Day: Plant Sale; Past events: Growth Management, Report on the Oconee County Legislative Delegation Meeting; Report on the Book Discussion (Founding Sisters and the 19th Amendment); A Note on the LWVCA Immigration Study; Other: Part II: The History of LWVCA -- Memories 40 Years in the Making (Ada Lou Steirer, Holley Ulbrich, Eleanor Hare); A Story About Exit Polling; Nominating Committee Report.

PDF icon Volume 36, No. 2, February 2008   Future events: Legislative Advocacy Day; Past events: 40th Anniversary Celebration; Focus the Nation; Report on the Pickens County Delegation Meeting; Other: Part I: The History of LWVCA -- Memories 40 Years in the Making (Ellen Reneke, Berniece Holt); Program and Action Notes; Welcome to New Members; Civic Education in High School.

PDF icon Volume 36, No.1, January 2008   Future events: Part II of Immigration Consensus Past events: Report on Clean Elections meeting Other: Report on Town Hall Meeting with Dr. Jim Rex, Registering 17-year olds to vote, Registering new voters in local schools.

2007 — Volume 35

PDF icon Volume 35, Nos. 8, 9, and 10, October - December 2007   Future events: Clean/Voter-Owned Elections; Town Meeting with State Superintendent of Education, Jim Rex; First Immigration Consensus meeting. Past events: Global Warming. Other: Excerpts from the Study of Latinos in South Carolina, Focus on LWVCA members (Michelle Chin, Rachael Estep, Robin Kimbrough-Melton, Kathy Woodward), Preparations for 40th anniversary.

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 7, September 2007   Future events: Clean/Voter-Owned Elections; Town Meeting with State Superintendent of Education, Jim Rex; First Immigration Consensus meeting. Past events: Global Warming. Other: Excerpts from the Study of Latinos in South Carolina, Focus on LWVCA members (Michelle Chin, Rachael Estep, Robin Kimbrough-Melton, Kathy Woodward), Preparations for 40th anniversary.

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 6, August 2007   Future events: Elizabeth MacNamara of National Board will present September program, new member lunch, membership drive, immigration, yard sale; Past events: League Leaders' Day; Other: Changing the composition of the Pickens County School Board (H.R. 3782), Memorial for Ethel Sturgis, Dues are due.

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 5, May 2007   Past events: 2007 State Convention, Annual Meeting on April 17; Other: A Preliminary Discussion of Immigration, Report from Superintendent of Oconee County Schools.

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 4, April 2007   Future events: Annual Meeting, Climate Action 2007 (CO2).

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 3, March 2007   Future events: Cool cities, Annual meeting including Nominating Committee report, Proposed local program, Proposed By-laws changes, and Proposed budget for 2007-2008; Past events: Book discussion, Report on Legislative Day, Report on Oconee County Legislative Delegation Meeting; Other: Study shows going Green saves schools $100,000 a year.

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 2, February 2007   Future events: Adult Education consensus, Plant and book sale; Past events: Voting machine consensus, Program planning; Other: Compact fluorescent light bulbs.

PDF icon Volume 35, No. 1, January 2007   Future events: book discussion, voting machine consensus questions, adult education; Past events: Candidates Forums; Reflections: SC Education Oversight Committee meeting, poll watching.