Local League

Our local League retains a portion of the membership dues to support local expenses such as:

  • Office Rent
  • Office Supplies
  • Printing Expenses

Any donation made directly to our local League enables the LWVSSMC to continue being a vibrant part of your community and is non-tax deductible.
Donate to our local League online using this secure link to PayPal.


Education Fund


The League of Women Voters Education Fund conducts voter service and citizen education activities. It is a nonpartisan nonprofit public policy educational organization, which:

  • Builds citizen participation in the democratic process.
  • Studies key community issues at all government levels in an unbiased manner.
  • Enables people to seek positive solutions to public policy issues through education and conflict management.

Donations to the Education Fund, a 501(c)(3)corporation, are fully tax-deductible where allowed by law.
Donate to the Education Fund online using this secure link to PayPal.

New Voices for Youth

New Voices for Youth (NV4Y), is an afterschool program that trains youth leaders in underrepresented communities. Youth work with an experienced director to discuss, analyze and research local community problems before scripting, shooting and editing videos.
NY4Y is funded by gifts and grants from organizations and foundations and contributions from individuals. The LWV of South San Mateo County Education Fund is the fiscal agent for NV4Y.

For more information please visit their website: