Homeless in San Mateo County

  • We support measures which provide for the needs of the homeless, with responsibility shared by the public and private sectors with government assuming the primary role.
  • We support the provision of permanent housing affordable to low-income persons as one solution to the growing problem of homelessness.
  • We support emergency, transitional, and long-term plans to meet the needs of the homeless. The primary focus should be on single parent families and families who do not qualify for federal and state assistance programs.
  • We support making public and private buildings available for emergency shelters where facilities meet health standards. The private sector should be provided with financial support from the county and cities to develop long-term shelters.
  • We support programs to help the homeless become self-sufficient, including: counseling, job training and vocational counseling, child care, medical/dental and mental health service, tutorial programs, and first month's rent and deposit assistance and transportation.
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South San Mateo County