Younger Voters - Make Your Vote Count on November 3rd!

Younger Voters - Make Your Vote Count on November 3rd!

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In 1971 the voting age was lowered to 18, and 50% of 18-24 year olds voted that next year. Fast forward to 2016…only 39% of 18-24 year olds voted while 70% of people over 60 years old voted.

Why aren’t young people voting?

“If I’m going to be honest, this whole thing is very confusing. I mean who even has time to figure out how to vote?”

“Why even bother voting? Everything is falling apart anyway, and I have so much going on. What’s the point?”

“It probably doesn’t even matter – what can my vote even do?”

Your vote can do a lot…

“I’m going to vote for who should be my state representative because I want to make CT the best it can be. To me, this means ensuring that our libraries receive funding, our parks stay clean, and our schools and streets are safe.

“I’m really worried about our economy and getting a job when I get out of school, I want to help small businesses grow, and attract new businesses, so I’ll vote for who I think can make that happen on our city council.”

“I want my opinion to be heard on national issues, like climate change, affordable health care and foreign policy, so I’ll be voting for who best represents my issues in Congress.”

“I worry about the achievement gap, so I want to make sure that my schools are funded, teachers are paid what they deserve, and students receive the support they need to succeed, so I want to vote for the person who I believe can get this done on the Board of Education.”

“I care about equal rights and justice for everyone so I want to make sure our government stays accountable and responsible, so I’m going to vote for who I think will make the best Attorney General.”

Your voice matters – so make it count. It’s not just about who you want for president, it’s also about the issues you care about at the state and local level. So vote on November 3rd.

It’s Your Turn…#MakeYouthVotesCount!

A big THANK YOU for creating this video goes to the League of Women Voters of Stamford, League of Women Voters New Canaan, and League of Women Voters of Norwalk.

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