Voter Education Resources

Voter Education Resources

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No need to reinvent the wheel: feel free to use these resources to educate voters in your community in person or virtually.


The LWVCT Voter Resources Guide is Here!

LWVCT Voter Resources Guide 2020 ImageThere's a lot to know about elections in CT this year, especially with all the changes due to COVID-19. From casting absentee ballots to in-person voting - we've got you covered! Whether you have questions yourself or are involved in voter education and outreach efforts, our LWVCT Voter Resources Guide is ready with informational materials for reference or for print and online sharing.

To View and/or Download:

LWVCT Voter Resources Guide: General Election 2020


Virtual Youth Voter Registration Presentation & Guide

Both the presentation and the lesson guideline document  have been updated with Connecticut voter registration information before the Presidential Primary. Check back for updates for the General Election.

With everything shut down due to the novel Coronavirus, it's made it impossible to do our typical voter registration work of meeting students in person and helping them register to vote.  However, the national league has created a Virtual High School Voter Registration Lesson that we can use and pass along to our local high school teachers.

Mock Voter Registration Presentation

The Mock Voter Registration lesson and power point is designed to be given just prior to a voter registration tabling event.

These materials were developed when League volunteers realized that high school and college students often lack the basic knowledge about the electoral process making it difficult for them to understand and make informed choices that the form requires.  Although information about the elections is covered in their high school coursework it’s not something students necessarily remember when they fill out a voter registration card or register online. (Click here to read entire preface by the League of Women Voters of Northern Fairfield County.)
Instructor's Lesson Plan - Mock Voter Registration Lesson Plan 2019(PDF
3 Handouts (PDFs)- 

What to Expect at the Polls on Election Day in Connecticut Presentation

The sequel to the Mock Voter Registration Lesson. 

It’s appropriate for high school, college and other community venues.  The presentation was developed to help make new voters feel comfortable about voting for the first time. This presentation walks new voters through the voting process, from when they first enter to when they exist their polling place.  The topics covered include:

  • checking your voter registration status
  • locating your polling place
  • what forms of ID to bring with you
  • reviewing your town’s actual ballot
  • how to fill in the ballot
  • how to request an absentee ballot
  • and more!
For more information contact Mary Levine of the League of Women Voters of Northern Fairfield County at lwvnfc [at]

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