Position Papers

Position Papers

What is a Position?

The League of Women Voters takes action on an issue only when we have a position addressing that particular issue. Members must study and come to a consensus on an issue, in order to form a position. This thorough grassroots process ensures that our advocacy is well considered by a broad range of people, understood by our members, and we have a sense of the political environment.

LWVDE Position Papers

Based on state and/or national League policy positions, the Advocacy Corps has prepared a set of Position Papers on specific bills or current issues. Members deliver folders with these papers to the office of every legislator on the afternoon of League Day and they are used throughout the year as we advocate at public hearings, write letters to the editor and take other actions to support our positions.

View the papers on each topic by clicking on the header below. Check back later as we update these and post additional papers.

PDF iconVote by Mail HB 175

      • Increases voter access and participation
      • Potentially reduces costs
      • Security fears are unfounded
        • the first leg of a Constitution amendment
        • passed by the House
        • released from the Senate Committee in 2019
        • continue to ensure sufficient votes for Senate passage in 2020.

Clean Water Position Paper 2019 

        • support legislation to repair existing and prevent any new contamination by funding water supply systems, sewage systems and water treatment processing facilities.
        • HB 200 was released from the Natural Resources Committee in the House in 201
        • held in the House Appropriations Committee for failure to specify an adequate source of funding

Early Voting (2019)

        • HB 38 was introduced on January 16, 2019
        • signed by the Governor on June 30, 2019
        • provides for 10 days of early voting including the Saturday and Sunday before election day\effective in 2022.

Education Funding Inequity (2018) 

        • current equalization formula results in inequity
        • no consideration of poverty or the number of students needing ESL
        • property assessments have not updated for decades in all three counties

Homeless Bill of Rights

        • support adoption of a Homeless Bill of Rights
        • no bill introduced in the current legislative session

LLC Voting (2019)

        • LWV position
          • only citizens should be allowed to vote in municipal elections
          • every municipality should, at a minimum, allow any resident citizen who is state registered to cast a vote in municipal elections
          • seeking legislators to sponsor a bill that would
            • prohibit voting by LLC's in municipal elections
            • require the use of the state registration system
            • voters in municipal elections would not need to register at the town hall

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact 2019

        • supported the NPVIC
        • enacted in Delaware on March 28, 2019

Renewable Energy Position Paper 2019

        • persistent attention to energy efficiency and,
        • adoption of new technologies for the production of renewable energy
        • help Delaware do its part in averting an existential global crisis

Same Day Registration 2019 

        • HB 39 passed the House
        • released from the Senate Committee in 2019
        • hope to secure Senate passage in 2020.

LWVUS Advocacy Focus

To learn about the priority national issues with which LWVUS is involved, go to LWV-Our Work.

If you would like to advocate on LWVUS positions at the national level, consider joining the LWVUS Grassroots Lobby Corps to receive email action alerts from the LWVUS and respond by sending quick, targeted, and sometimes last-minute, messages to members of Congress on priority issues before key votes. To get involved in this network, go to the League's website here. Provide your contact information and check the Grassroots Lobby Corps.

The Lobby Handbook

The LWVDE produced The Lobby Handbook as a guide on how to conduct effective advocacy. An updated version (April 2018) can be found here It was written to give you a short course on the legislative process in Delaware and to offer practical information about influencing it. We encourage you to take advantage of our state's "uniqueness" and to become knowledgeable about and involved in your government.