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Mail: League of Women Voters of Delaware
2400 W. 17th St., Clash Wing
Room 1, Lower Level
Wilmington, DE 19806

Emaillwvde [at] 

Telephone: 302-571-8948   Fax: 302-571-8948

Send an email (lwvde [at] to contact one of the people below:

Title   Name
 Co-Presidents   Carol Jones, Sue Claire Harper
 Advocacy Chair  Linda Barnett
 Office Manager  Letty Diswood
 Treasurer  Jill Itzkowitz
 Natural Resource Chair  Coralie Pryde
 Land Use and Transportation Chair  Peggy Schultz
 Climate Change  Chad Tolman
 Social Media  Diane Maxwell
 Webmaster  Mary Ann Coe
 Social Policy and Education Chair  Linda Barnett
 Justice Chair  Sandy Spence
 Housing  Gina Miserendino
 1st Vice-president  Sandy Spence
 2nd Vice-president  Linda Barnett
 Secretary  Katherine Baker
 Education Chair  Linda Barnett
 New Citizens Ceremonies Chair  Janet Ambrose
 Government Chair  Jack Young
 Finance Chair  Les Stillson




















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