Does Voting Matter? Real Answers from Real People

A brief video created by members of LWVDE.

Why it matters

Election rules differ state by state and sometimes change from year to year. Using VOTE411, voters can confirm their polling location, check if an ID is required, and see what their personal ballot will look like. Confirming this information before heading to the polls saves voters time and helps voters make more informed decisions.  

What we're doing

We have long been a trusted source of objective and nonpartisan election information. Since 2006, has served tens of millions of voters. By entering one’s home address on VOTE411, voters can see ballot questions they will be voting on, compare candidate responses to League questions, and much more! 

Since 2006, the League of Women Voters Education Fund has operated VOTE411 providing registration deadlines and tools, absentee and early voting information, polling place locations, voting hours, and more.

Every voter in America will see candidate info on in the 2020 elections, with coverage in all 50 states and DC, and down-ballot coverage in hundreds of cities across the country. 

Informing voters has been our brand for nearly 100 years and, through VOTE411, we are reaching more voters where they are and providing the information they need,” said Virginia Kase, CEO of the League of Women Voters of the United States. “As a nonpartisan organization, Americans look to us for trusted information. Our candidate guides are customized for communities by League volunteers so that, ahead of Election Day, voters can hear directly from the candidates about the issues they care most about.


VOTE411, the League of Women Voters’ one-stop-shop for nonpartisan election information, this week was announced as a Webby Awards Nominee, joining the ranks of past nominees such as National Geographic and Google. Voting for People’s Voice is open until Thursday, May 7th at 11:59 PM/PT. Vote for VOTE411 in the Webby People’s Voice Awards here.

The Webby Awards are some of the internet’s most coveted symbols of success and we are so proud for VOTE411 to be honored with these nominations,” said Jeanette Senecal, Senior Director of Mission Impact. “Engaging voters has been our mission for more than 100 years and through, we are making critical election information more accessible to millions of voters every step of the way to the ballot box. The coronavirus pandemic has already had a major impact on primary elections, and VOTE411 has responded with timely election alerts in English and Spanish so that voters have accurate election information in this confusing time. 

What you can do

Some things that you can do to help with voting during these difficult times:

 1. Everyone... read through the PDF iconVoter Action List and pick some actions you can do. E.g. go add the VOTE411 frame to your Facebook profile picture from now until May 16 school board election. All your online friends will notice it every time they see a post or comment from you. 
 2. Phone callers... now that the guide is live, we need people to follow up on the press release that was sent out last week. The idea is to call the press contact person to verify that they received the press release, ask if they have questions, encourage them to view the VOTE411 site, and put a special emphasis on the absentee ballot application process. Then note the date and type of follow-up in the far-right column of the DE News Outlets - followup tracking spreadsheet on the Google drive. 
 3. Networkers...  challenge yourself to think of 1/2 dozen organizations or acquaintances who'd be willing to help us inform the voting public using our VOTE411 Media Kit maryanncoe [at] (email webmaster) for access to the media kit (it includes flyers, press releases, etc.). The idea here is to send a brief email explaining about VOTE411 for school board elections, attach the PDF flyers, and include a link to the media kit for more tools. Ideal targets would be those who manage websites, social media accounts, or mailing lists of their own and can reach lots of people if they buy into the idea.
  4. Cheerleaders... check our Facebook page for ideas.
Those who know bloggers... now is the time to feel them out about featuring VOTE411 in an upcoming blog article. 
If you are planning a letter to the editor that emphasizes voting by absentee, the sooner the better!  (Citizens can request their absentee ballots now, for both presidential primary and school board elections.)
If you are planning a letter to the editor that emphasizes voting in the school board election, the best time is early June, a couple of weeks before the election. People's memories aren't very long.
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