Civic Education at Camp Sun Splash

Civic Education at Camp Sun Splash


League volunteers worked with Velma Bailey to teach youth at Camp Sun Splash about voting and civic engagement. A mock election resulted in a tie, showing that every vote matters.

At the heart of the camp sponsored by Torchbearers2 is an effort to train youth to become leaders in their communities and the world. In pursuit of this goal, LWVMO intern Paige Allen crafted a scavenger hunt to cultivate an understanding of government. This hands-on activity taught each step of how a bill becomes a law.

The main issue raised by campers is that the pool at Fairgrounds Park needs extensive work and never opened this summer. In early August, League volunteers helped them make demonstration signs to march on city hall, inviting city officials to visit the camp. Click here to see news coverage of the Aug. 4 protest.

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