LWV U.S. - News Update

LWV U.S. - News Update

♦ Partisan Gerrymandering at the Supreme Court

Last week activists from across the nation gathered in front of the Supreme Court, as the Justices heard a set of three redistricting cases that could result in ending partisan gerrymandering across the nation. 

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♦ H.R. 4: Voting Rights Advancement Act Introduced This Week!

LWV is proud to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA), which would restore the VRA by updating the coverage formula to determine which states and localities must pre-clear election changes with the Department of Justice. The bill would essentially restore section 4 of the VRA, which was gutted in the Shelby County v. Holder decision. Read our statement on the VRAA.

♦ Restoring the Voice of Wisconsin Voters

In Wisconsin this month, a judge ruled in favor of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin in our suit against the state legislature

During a lame-duck session last year, the Wisconsin state legislature passed a series of laws limiting the incoming governor’s power, undermining the desire of the voters.

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