You can make a difference!


Transportation Committee

Transportation is a County League Issue for Emphasis.  We are looking for members to study transportation issues, and to keep us informed so that we can act when appropriate.


The League maintains active involvement in local issues by attending meetings of local government organizations; city councils, county supervisors, fire districts, and other public meetings where issues are discussed and decisions made that effect our citizens. Observers can choose a specific organization to observe routinely, or they may choose a topic, and attend any meetings where that topic may be an issue. Observers report relevant information to the Board so that we can stay abreast of local issues and take action when appropriate.

Presentation Team

The League of Women Voters provides information on the pros and cons of statewide ballot measures. League speakers present this information to local organizations in an effort to provide voters the information they need to cast an informed vote.  Volunteer speakers are provided information and training to present this information in years when Propositions appear on the ballot.

Voter Registration

The League of Women Voters maintains Voter Registration supplies at various public venues in the community such as post offices, libraries, etc..

Additionally, prior to elections, League volunteers register voters at local events.

Candidate Forums

The League of Women Voters sponsors Candidate Forums for local elections of city council members, school boards, special district positions, State Assembly, and State Senate. Opportunities to volunteer include moderating the forum, acting as time-keeper, and collecting written questions.

Administrative Assistance

We need volunteers to help with short-term tasks.  Could you help our Program Chair with set up, clean up, or refreshments for a meeting?  Perhaps you could help with an occasional mailing, or other small jobs that pop up from time to time. 

If you would like to more about these volunteer opportunities, or are ready to help, contact us at info [at] lwvssm.org or 650-325-5780