League Resources

League Resources

The League of Women Voters of Connecticut provides myriad resources for members, voters and Connecticut's Local Leagues. Our Library contains links to our reports and publications.

For Voters

Visit Voter Services page.

For League Members

League members are men (since 1974) and women who wish to become better informed about government processes and to work for more transparent and effective government on the municipal and state level. Members are as active as their time allows.

Voter Education Resources

Is your league educating and registering new voters in your area? The League of Women Voters of Northern Fairfield County have shared their updated lesson plans for Mock Voter Registration and What to Expect at the Polls on Election Day in Connecticut. 

Click here to visit the page and download resources you can use to educate your community. 

Advocacy & Networking Opportunities


Watch our Redistricting Forum at Yale Law School here:

Campaign Finance

Money in Politics, an LWVUS Primer

Advocacy Resources

Pension Academy 2019

The Connecticut School Finance Project and the League of Women Voters of Connecticut were proud to present Connecticut's first Pension Academy on Friday, January 11, 2019 at the Connecticut State Capitol. For questions or comments, please email info [at] ctschoolfinance.org.

Click here for a complete Agenda of the Pension Academy.

Click here to download all of the presentations given during the Pension Academy

Click here for a full video of the Pension Academy


Traditional League Programs

  • Meetings with Legislators
  • Educational programs and publications
  • Forums
  • Lectures
  • Members' Meetings
  • Studies
  • Voter Services

State League Events

  • Convention
  • Symposium on International Relations

For Local Leagues- 

Support and Resources for Local Leagues offered by the LWV of Connecticut

  • Free Publicity: You can publicize any local League activity that would be of interest to others around the state by sending your flier/write-up to the LWVCT office. It can be e-mailed to every local League Board member in the State E-News (deadline is the second Tuesday of each month except July and August) or in separate e-mail notices. All submissions are subject to editing, and the LWVCT president has final approval of all printed materials and communications.
  • Study/Concurrence Assistance: The LWVCT keeps a list of volunteers who can help your League get speakers and materials for any study, concurrence, or consensus that the LWVCT or LWVUS is asking you to participate in; and if your League is planning on a local study the LWVCT can direct you to members of the PI Team or to other Leagues for guidance if you would like.
  • Political Action Assistance: The LWVCT Public Issues Team often has prepared position statements that you can use in preparing testimony before government committees, letters to the editor of your local paper, etc. These are usually available from the Hamden office or on the LWVCT website.
  • Liability Insurance: Your League's liability insurance will be renewed automatically each June. Coverage is $2,000,000 per incident with a cap of $4,000,000 per year. The $12 cost is billed with your League's first PMP payment.
  • D&O Insurance: Your League has the option of buying Directors' and Officers' "Errors and Omissions" insurance from the same agency the LWVCT uses at below-market rates. The cost is billed directly to your League.
  • State E-News: LWVCT provides an e-mailed state E-News, formerly known as the Board Report, to all members of all local League Boards approximately three days after each State Board meeting. If you are not on the internet, the LWVCT will provide one hard copy of the Board Report per League to you.
  • Publications: You can order, via mail, fax, or e-mail, any State League publication through the LWVCT office. Orders can be billed to or pre-paid by your treasurer. If a League member will be in Hamden, call and arrange for pre-packaged pick up; other orders will be mailed.
  • Other Free State Mailings or E-Mailings: Presidents also receive a set of Local League handbooks, LWVCT League Directory, a copy of all study kits (as published), and notification of new sales items and publications from LWVCT. All League members receive the CT Voter newsletter.
  • Website: the LWVCT website has sections on advocacy/public issues, membership, and a main page for each local League. It is a source for copies of LWVCT publications and current voter information.
  • Electronic Voters' Guides: During election season in even-numbered years, the LWVCT posts candidate information on Vote411.org. In odd-numbered years we will help local Leagues publish such guides on their web pages on our site.
  • Membership Assistance: The LWVCT prints membership envelopes that every League can use, and sells them to local Leagues at cost. The office staff can furnish you with copies of your membership list by mail or e-mail, and provides telephone and on-line assistance with membership questions and problems.
  • Tax Status: The LWVCT maintains an IRS "group exemption" that covers all of Connecticut's local Leagues. The state office staff updates the list and files the required reports with the IRS every year to maintain your League's 501(c)(4) status. The state office will also provide help and information, as requested, regarding your League's annual 990-N IRS filing. 

LWVCT Bylaws and Policies

PDF iconBylaws_of_the_LWVCT.pdf

PDF iconNonpartisanship Policy LWVCT.pdf

LWVCT Leaders News

The state Board emails its reports to local League Board members ten times a year. Links to recent e-news board reports appear below.

PDF iconLWVCT Leaders News_Summer_19.pdf

LWVCT Leaders News_May_19.pdf

"How to" Series 

Free Publications (except for shipping & handling)

Helpful References



Contact the LWVCT Administrator at lwvct [at] lwvct.org