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Advocacy Archives

waiting for VoteAdvocacy Corps in the Past 

The Advocacy Corps (AC), chaired by Linda Barnett, is comprised of our nine volunteer registered lobbyists, other portfolio (committee) chairs, and additional League members who participate on a regular basis in the AC's deliberations. They monitor all bills related to League issues.
      • In 2014, the AC addressed PDF icon144 bills, deciding on which ones to support, oppose, or simply monitor. 
      • Our volunteer lobbyists advocate on those bills where we have a relevant state or national position that has been developed after study and consensus at the national and/or state level.
      • A summary of our state positions, developed after study and consensus, appears below. Positions developed by LWVUS can also be used as a basis for League action. 
      • The AC is also responsible for organizing our annual League Day in Dover, held in late March each year.
      • The Corps meets in Dover monthly during legislative sessions and most months in between. For more information contact Linda Barnett, Advocacy Chair.

Prior Advocacy Actions

      • In 2015-16, the AC addressed over 200 bills, deciding on which ones to support, oppose, or simply monitor. See the summer 2016 PDF iconDelaware Voter for a summary report of the 148th Session of the Delaware General Assembly (2015-16).
      • Supported minimum wage legislation on February 6, 2016. Read PDF iconPresident Jill Fuch's letter detailing the League's argument.
      • Bill of Rights Day, December 16. In recognition of Bill of Rights Day, December 15, LWVDE President Jill Fuchs has issued a PDF iconcall for action to protect our rights. This special day was first declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt just 10 days before the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor in 1941. He proclaimed this historic document, "the great American charter of personal liberty and human dignity." 
      • Wilmington Education Improvement Plan PDF iconstatement, December 2015.
      • Access to Justice Commission. PDF iconSandy Spence testified at a hearing of the Access to Justice Commission in Georgetown on December 1. The Commission was established by Chief Justice Leo Strine to identify causes of racial disparity in the criminal justice system and propose ways to reduce those disparities. 
      • Joint Statement of LWVDE and S. DE Alliance for Racial Justice. Charlotte King presented a PDF iconjoint statement of the LWVDE and the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice at a hearing of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council at a hearing in Georgetown on October 22, 2015. It outines priority criminal justice issues of concern to both organizatons. 

LWVUS National Convention 2016 - Climate Change Activities 

The caucus Promoting a Price on Carbon was held by members of the Delaware, California, Illinois and Massachusetts Leagues. Chad Tolman discussed the Delaware "Price on Carbon Study" and others spoke about League actions around the country. The delegates nearly unanimously passed the following three resolutions proposed by the Oregon League:
      • Therefore be it resolved, the LWVUS consider signing onto an Amicus Brief with the 21 youth plaintiffs from Our Children's Trust.
      • Therefore be it resolved, LWVUS support the United States ratification of the UN COP 21 Paris Agreement.
      • Therefore be it resolved, that the LWVUS continue working for full implementation of the EPA Clean Power Plan, especially at the state level, as a first step, and should call on the White House to implement an updated science-based Climate Action Plan that stabilizes global warming by bringing CO2 levels down to no more than 350 ppm by 2100. For Tolman's complete notes, see PDF iconClimate Change caucus.

LWVDE Position Papers

Based on state and/or national League policy positions, the Advocacy Corps prepares Position Papers on specific bills or issues. The papers below address issues that have been resolved.
      • PDF iconDeath Penalty Repeal We support Repeal of Delaware's Death Sentence.
      • PDF iconDMOST We support Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment.
      • PDF iconSource of Income LWVDE supports "Source of Income" legislation making it unlawful to discriminate based on any source of lawful income for the purpose of determining income eligibility for real property rental or home ownership.
      • PDF iconVoting Machines and Paper Trail (2017): Delaware should adopt a system that leaves a paper trail to ensure that voters can see and have confidence in the integrity of the state's elections. A Request for Proposal is pending. Funding for new machines is critical in the FY 2019 budget.

LWVUS Advocacy Focus

      • To learn about the priority national issues with which LWVUS is involved, go to LWV-Our Work.
      • If you would like to advocate on LWVUS positions at the national level, consider joining the LWVUS Grassroots Lobby Corps to receive email action alerts from the LWVUS and respond by sending quick, targeted, and sometimes last-minute, messages to members of Congress on priority issues before key votes. Provide your contact information and check Grassroots Lobby Corps.