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The Leaderosity program is now available to all League members at no cost until February 21, 2021. The link is https://www.courses.leaderosity.org/courses/the-equity-journey. The Equity Journey course goals are to take you on an Equity Journey. One that requires covering a lot of miles and certainly asks you to check your baggage. You can take the equity journey as an individual, with an organization, or within your larger community. You will be asked to share a common language with other travelers and set a point of view that takes in a range of perspectives. In your reflections and actions, you will have to embrace discomfort. You will grow during your journey and be in a better place when you end.

The three-module, the self-guided journey will help you:

      • Enhance your understanding of equity and bias.
      • Uncover your equity journey and create an action plan to continue your personal development.
      • Gain awareness of the structural/systemic barriers that hinder equity.
      • Develop a deeper understanding of how advancing equity can increase the effectiveness of your organization.
      • Explore strategies for aligning professional practice with social equity objectives.

You will leave the training armed with a toolkit of resources that will benefit you today and for decades. 

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