Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - Midterm Election


View the Results of the Election for DuPage County

The DuPage County Board of Elections provides the most information about the elections and candidates running for office.

Check out the Election Day Tips.

Become informed about candidates.

Explore your ballet and make informed choices using the IllinoisVoterGuide.

We have two formats for meeting the candidates:

  • Candidate Forums
  • Meet and Greet

In forums, candidates give short opening statements, answer questions submitted by the audience and a moderator and end with closing statements. There are limitations on candidates when their opponent does not accept an invitation.

Meet and Greets are more informal and allow you to talk one-on-one with the candidates.  All candidates are invited and can come whether or not their opponents accept.

Prepare your ballot and learn more before you go to the polls at BallotReady.

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