Handbook for Members

Handbook for Members

The handbook provides all the information about the League of Women Voters of Wheaton that members need. It is a good resource for both members and people interested in the LWV.  It does not include the annual budget.  If a member would like to see the budget, they can request one from the treasurer [at] wheatonlwvil.org (Treasurer).

For many years the Handbook for Members was a document provided to members each year. In 2023, the League moved the handbook to the web so that it can be updated in a timely manner rather than annually.  Rather than a separate document, the handbook consists of multiple web pages and pdf files.  Here is the index to the content.


Guidelines and Policies


            Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

            Candidate Participation

            Guidelines for Joining Coalitions





Board of Directors

Active Committees

Political Directory, Government Boards and Commissions

Your Members Serving on Boards and Commissions

Useful Websites and Links



Founding of the League of Women Voters of Wheaton

Presidents of the League of Women Voters of Wheaton