Tips for Being a Better Lobbyist

Tips for Being a Better Lobbyist

As an individual: 

  • Never hesitate to write, fax, e-mail or call your legislator if you have something to say which you think should be brought to his or her attention.
  • Legislators are sensitive to grass-roots opinion because they must keep in touch as closely as possible with the voters of their district. Letters from constituents -- e.g., represented voters -- are the best indications of what those people are thinking about. Thoughtful, sincere letters on issues that directly affect the writer get the most attention. 


Do ...

  • Address your state legislator properly using protocol
  • Write legibly
  • Be brief and to the point
  • Discuss only one issue per letter
  • Identify a bill by number and title if possible
  • Include your address and sign your name
  • Be courteous and reasonable
  • Write letters about issues you approve of as well as those you don't

Don't ...

  •  Sign and send a form letter
  • Be rude or threatening
  • Be vague
  • Send a copy to your other legislators when you have addressed the letter to one
  • Write on a postcard
  • Use the League name. Remember: Only the League President can speak for the league. Individual league members are always free to take action on whatever they choose as long as they do so in their own name.

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