Candidate Information

Candidate Information

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 Election 2023

The LWVLA works to keep voters informed. We provide information on this page about candidates who will be on ballots in Union county for the Municipal Election on November 7, 2023. In these elections, Union County voters will be electing candidates who were nominated for:  
  • State and Local Judiciary
  • Union County Offices:
    • Commissioners
    • District Attorney
    • Register & Recorder
    • Treasurer
  • Townships & Boroughs
    • Township Supervisors 
    • Borough Council Members
    • Auditors and Tax Collectors
    • School Directors 
Union County voters will find names of all candidates on their ballots as well as information the candidates submitted in response to questions on Vote411 and in the Fall 2023 Voters Guide.

Contested Election Races

In this Municipal Election, there are several contested election races. A contested race means that, for a particular office, there are more candidates than open positions. For Union County voters, the following offices are contested election races:

  • Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Judge of the Superior Court
  • Judge of the Commonwealth Court
  • Union County Commissioners
  • Union County District Attorney
  • Borough Council: New Berlin
  • Supervisor: East Buffalo & Union Townships
  • School Directors: Lewisburg, Mifflinburg, & Warrior Run

League-Sponsored Candidate Events

Hear candidates in contested races respond to voters’ questions at these League sponsored virtual candidate events: 

School Director Candidates Night
The virtual LWVLA Candidates Night for School Directors took place on October 18th, 2023.  This panel was RECORDED and is available on YouTube here.
This event had School Director candidates for:
    • Lewisburg Area School District (LASD):  There will be 8 candidates on the ballot for the LASD to fill 5 positions on the board. Six of those candidates attended this Candidates Night. They are Ashley Grant, Laura Graver, Cory Heath, Erin Jablonski, Justin Madaus and Tera Unzicker Fassero. 
    • Warrior Run School District, Region 1: There will be 2 candidates on the ballot for the Warrior Run, Region 1 to fill 1 position on the board. Both of these candidates attended this Candidates Night. They are Miranda Bailey and Tamara Hoffman.
Kandy Duncan, LWVLA president, hosted this evening and Elaine Hopkins PhD. moderated.
Here are the questions submitted by our community and vetted/created by the League:
  1. The board must work together to plan for the district. What two specific issues would you want the board to prioritize?
  2. How would you address planned capital expenses while keeping your district competitive with all the resources that students deserve? 
  3. Not all students want or are ready to pursue a 4-year college degree. How dedicated are you to promoting options, such as SUN Area Technical Institute or Lycoming Career and Technology Center, for these students?
  4. What concerns, if any, do you have about current facilities for athletics and arts in your district?
  5. What are your guiding principles on how school boards should address questions about what information students can access in school, including what information educators can teach and discuss in their classrooms?
  6. There are already teacher shortages, and this situation is predicted to worsen as fewer individuals enter the field, and others depart early. What do you think districts should do to attract and retain talented teachers?

East Buffalo Township Supervisor Candidate Night

The virtual LWVLA Candidates Night for Supervisors of East Buffalo Township took place on October 26th, 2023.  This panel was RECORDED and is available on YouTube here.
There will be 2 candidates on the ballot for Supervisor of East Buffalo Township. They are Thomas F.  Zorn and Char Gray. Both of these candidates attended this Candidates Night. Kandy Duncan, LWVLA president, hosted this evening and Rebecca Schaffer-Neitz moderated.
Here are the questions submitted by our community and vetted/created by the League:
    1. How can the township supervisor improve the township’s walkability, ride-ability, and safety?
    2. Concerning policing, Fire protection, and EMS technology and response times: How effective are these services today? What can be done to maintain and improve the quality and readiness of these departments?  
    3. Are there additional ways that Intergovernmental Cooperation can be used to address costs and future needs?
    4. Some residents are concerned that current brush and leaf pick up is not adequate. Do you see a need for the township to provide a place to drop off brush and leaves and/or increase pick up times?
    5. Current recycling center hours make it difficult for all residents to use it. How can this be addressed?
    6. Turtle Creek Park has been a welcome addition for dog owners. How can the township address additional needs for green spaces and recreational areas?
    7. How can the expansion of services be planned efficiently so that residents are not over-burdened with increased taxes?
    8. Is there an important issue that hasn’t been raised tonight that you would like to discuss?
Appellate Court Candidate Forum
The virtual Candidates Forum for Appellate Court Candidates, sponsored by Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, took place on October 24th, 2023. This forum was RECORDED and is available on YouTube here.

Additional Candidate Information

In addition to local newspapers, radio and television, there are many sources available which can provide you with information about candidates. LWVLA suggests the following:
  • Get a personalized ballot and compare candidate responses side by side.
  • Check for candidate responses that were uploaded after the printing of the LWVLA Fall Voters Guide (to download the Voters Guide, click on the button in the left margin of this web page).
League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area (LWVLA)
  • Read our LWVLA Fall Voters Guide for voting information and responses of candidates on the ballots in Union County.
  • See the League-Sponsored Candidate Events section above to find links for LWVLA-conducted Candidates Nights for the local races of School Boards (in Lewisburg and Warrior Run) and Supervisor in East Buffalo Township.
  • LWVLA’s Facebook page will announce any additional local Candidates Nights or candidate videos.
League of Women Voters of PA (LWVPA)
  • Watch the PA Appellate Court Candidate Forum held on October 24, 2023 from 6:30 to 8:00PM to hear candidates for the Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth courts of PA respond to questions in a moderated forum. After the event, a video recording will be available online. For this Candidate Forum, go to:
PA Bar Association
For nonpartisan information on appellate court candidates, view the PA Bar Association’s nonpartisan ratings and candidate responses to detailed questionnaires here: