Mauch Millennial Project

Mauch Millennial Project

In 2016, the LWVLA was the recipient of a generous grant from League members Rebecca and James Mauch for the purpose of identifying and implementing strategies for engaging millennials in the civic life of our democracy. 

Mission: to engage young people in the civic life of our democracy in the United States in general and specifically in the LWVLA's service area of Union County, PA. 

Vision: to instill in the young people involved a life-long passion for and engagement in the civic life of our democracy. 

What we do:

  • Voter education and other electoral support activities
  • Encourage civil discourse regarding issues facing citizens and legislators at all levels of government 
  • Inform young people about current issues 
  • Educate youth about the legislative process


The Bucknell-Mauch Fellowship Program, an initiative co-sponsored with the Bucknell Political Science Department in general election years, is designed to enhance political participation within the Bucknell student body through a variety of initiatives such as: student-facilitated forums on election issues; posters providing information on the importance of voting, how to register, and locations of polling places; staffing information tables in the Langone Center; attending meetings of clubs and other organizations on campus to encourage students to register and to vote; and voter registration drives. 

This year’s interns are Ninah Jackson ’25, Bernadette Maramis ’24, and Emily Parker ’23

Bucknell 22-23 Mauch Intern Ninah Jackson

Ninah Jackson '25

Bucknell 22-23 Mauch Intern Bernadette Maramis

Bernadette Maramis '24

Bucknell 22-23 Mauch Intern Emily Parker

Emily Parker '23

“…my experience as a Mauch Fellow helped me get my job, and the skills I learned from leading the forums have helped me perform my job better.  Learning about issues from many different points of view, and working to present those issues in a non-partisan way, has made me a stronger and more effective communicator and more empathetic listener.”  Midge Zuk, Bucknell Mauch Fellow ’18’-19, now a paralegal at the Manhattan DA’s office. 


Learning about the legislative process: With the help of our local representative, ninth-grade students from civics classes at the Lewisburg Area HS experience this process either in the classroom or with a visit to the State Capitol in Harrisburg.  This includes a tour of the Capitol and a visit to special exhibits and the Capitol library.  

High School Mauch Program PA Capital with Rowe                MMP students in Harrisburg  

Student interns: Each year the Mauch Committee selects a high school intern who is interested in completing a project related to civic education.  Interns have organized voter registration drives, written blogs on political issues, and organized discussions in clubs on issues related to civic participation and voting.  

This year’s intern is Sam Wakeman, and we are happy to be working with her!    

High School Mauch Intern 22-23 Sam Wakeman


                  MMP student registration of LAHS voters


“It is hard to know what it means to defend democracy until you sit down with the League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area. During the two years that I worked for the League, I became a better writer, thinker, and citizen. I met people with the persistence and skill to implement their visions and the generosity and receptivity to assist with my own.” Nick Jacobson, ’19-’20 high school intern, now studying at Yale University.  

“We are very proud of what the young men and women have done with the help of this project and the League of Women Voters. In 2020 there are so many issues to be decided that it is more important than ever to vote, and to inform ourselves about the people and issues that are part of our voting decisions. No one does a better job of informing us than the League in Lewisburg.” Jim and Rebecca Mauch, benefactors of the Mauch Millennial Project.


The Mauch Millennial Project (MMP) is partnering with the Lewisburg Children’s Museum (LCM) to create opportunities to teach children the basics about voting and encourage families to share their experiences with civic participation.  It started with building a voting booth where children could vote on their favorite color, room at the museum, or a new toy to be donated by the MMP.  We have also sponsored a pop-up exhibit on the passage of the 19th amendment, purchased books for their library, and run voter registration drives at the museum.  We look forward to working on future projects with the LCM.  

For more information about the LCM: 

Voting Booth, Children's Museum exhibit

“The exhibit not only helps children understand the voting process, but also gives them an active voice in family conversations.  Which is what voting is all about—being heard!” Kahla DeSmit, Executive Director of the Lewisburg Children’s Museum









 Future voter appreciates women's right to vote


Are you a school, a Girl Scout troop, a student group, a church youth group, or an individual who would like help to organize a project that involves young people and civic education?  If so, we invite you to contact us at jrblwv [at]  

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