LWVLA Committees

LWVLA Committees

LWVLA committees (both standing and ad hoc) involve both long term and newer members. Committees are the ‘front line’ of league work, whether related to education, advocacy, social or other.

Book Club thumbnailBook Club –   

The Book Club is open to all - both League members and non-members. Anyone interested is welcome to join the meeting discussion even if you have not finished the selected reading.  

Reading selections are typically contemporary, non-fiction on issues of interest to our Book Club members. We have read biographies and, sometimes, fiction. Prior reading selections have addressed election security (state and federal), voter suppression, racism, women’s issues, housing, immigration, education, and the opioid crisis. Books are often suggested by individual Book Club members or picked by a committee of interested group members, sometimes selecting from a review of what other League Book Clubs across the country are reading. The list of past books illustrates the breadth of topics covered.

The LWVLA Book Club meets 5 times a year. Once in each of the summer months of June, July and August and in December and February. Book Club is meant to offer a monthly event when the League Forums do not take place. It typically meets on the third Tuesday of the month usually in the morning, but sometimes we meet in the evening. In-person sessions are held at the Public Library of Union County on Reitz Blvd. in Lewisburg. During the current pandemic we are meeting by Zoom.  

If you are interested in joining Book Club, please email mbclark112 [at] gmail.com

Forum series logo thumbnailForum –   

Forums are traditionally organized lunchtime events that are held at least 7 times annually.  Their purpose is two-fold.  They provide a venue for speakers on issues of interest to the communities and serve as a short business meeting for the League. The Forum Committee engages speakers, co-ordinates the lunchtime meal, and oversees the organization of the event.  Because of the novel coronavirus, all Forums are currently conducted virtually on the Zoom platform.
Examples of previous Forum topics are:
- “Polarization and the Electoral Process: How Did We Get Here"
“Election Reform: What Works and What Does Not?” 
- “Regional Impact of the Opioid Crisis”
- “Community, Collaboration, and Connections; Fueling Growth at Evangelical Community Hospital”
- “Recycling in Today’s World”
- “One Count, Two Districts; Superintendents from Mifflinburg and Lewisburg School Districts"
-  Q&A sessions with various Governmental officials: Rep. Fred Keller, Union County Commissioners

membershipMembership – 

The Membership Committee involves three distinct yet intertwined components; membership recruitment, membership renewal, and social events.

-  The core of the Membership Committee is the function of recruiting new members. This outreach to bring on new members extends to developing relationships and cultivating a welcoming environment to new members and to engage all members in the work of the League.
-  The Membership Committee conducts the annual renewal process of members. This is done in close coordination with the Treasurer and the database administrator.
-  The Membership Committee plans and coordinates several social events throughout the year.  These social events serve as venues for building relationships by cultivating social interaction among  all members.

Make your voice heard at ballot boxVoter Services –    

Voter Services is the core of the League of Women Voters. Its objective is to carry out the League’s prime mission to make democracy work. We distribute multiple free publications, provide resources to voters, and organize several election-related events.

  • Voters Guide: Voters Guide is a non-partisan political publication that provides important information to voters in all municipalities of Union County. Voters Guide information includes names of candidates running for all local offices, candidates' responses to questions, explanations of ballot initiatives, locations of polling places, instructions for first-time voters, and guidance for those needing special accommodations or assistance.

  • Vote411.org: Vote411 yard signAn interactive website sponsored by the League of Women Voters that works to ensure that voters have information they need to successfully participate in every election. Vote411 contains a comprehensive list of candidates running for office (based on a voter’s mailing address), along with the candidates’ responses to questions posed by the League. It allows voters to print a custom ballot for each election with their voting choices.   

Voter Services Events:
The League sponsors non-partisan Candidates Events (such as “Candidates Night”) to allow voters to hear directly from the candidates who are running for office. Voter Services coordinates voter registration events and voter education opportunities: voting machine demonstrations, school assemblies and so on.