Voting Options

Voting Options

Mail-in Voting

How to Vote Using a Mail-In Ballot

Pennsylvania’s Act 77, passed in October 2019, allows no-excuse mail-in ballots. To VOTE using a mail-in ballot, follow ALL these steps:

1. REQUEST your mail-in ballot application.
2. RECEIVE your mail-in ballot in the mail.
3. MARK your mail-in ballot.

4. RETURN your mail-in ballot to your county Elections Office.

In-Person Voting

Many people prefer to use traditional, in-person voting. Voters can vote, as they've always done in the past, at polling places. There are 26 polling sites in Union County.

Absentee Voting

Sometimes travel plans or other factors make it impossible to vote in person. Absentee voting- requires a reason when you apply for the absentee ballot. Make sure you meet the absentee ballot deadlines.  

Military and Overseas Voting

For those serving in the armed forces or living overseas, there are other voting options and deadlines.