1. Further League Impact

    1. Increase civic and issue education
    2. Enhance voter services to reach a variety of audiences
    3. Enhance advocacy outcomes affecting public policy that consider the underrepresented populations
    4. Build stronger relationships with League allies and partners to include more diverse voices
  1. Nurture Members
    1. Support membership growth in new and renewing members, mentor new leadership, and build teams
    2. Remove barriers of all kinds so as to increase diversity of voices in LWVSA
    3. Support on-going training and exchange of varied ideas
  1. Strengthen Organizational Capacity

    1. Develop necessary funding to achieve League goals
    2. Invest in technical support needed to support LWVSA
    3. Develop and implement short- and long-term communication plans
    4. Establish policies and procedures needed to assure organizational effectiveness and continuity

Adopted by LWVSA Board of Directors, Aug 5, 2020

A printable .pdf file of the Goals is available PDF icon here.