Health Care

Health Care

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The Spokane League doesn't currently have a health care group that meets but below are all of the ways to engage in important health care advocacy through the state league and local groups.


  For more information please contact: April May 

LWVWA- State Information     (LWV Washington:

Health and Behavioral Health- This is where you will find info on the past and upcoming legislative sessions and the bills tracked.

Kim Abbey, Health Care and Behavioral Health Issue Chair, kabbey [at] (.)


The issue paper link below outlines the League's position on Healthcare


WA Universal Health Care progress and contacts

WA State Universal Health Care Commission

Universal Health Care Work Group

Whole Washington is actively tracking and organizing for Universal Health Care in WA

 Whole Washington

LWVUS-National information (HCR4US)

Medicare for All HealthCare Reform Toolkit

LWVUS National Health Care Reform

LWVUS President statement on Dobbs overturning Roe

HCR4US July Newsletter

 Healthy People Healthy Democracy


Healthcare is the Next Frontier in Voter Access




Founded in 2019, Vot-ER works in healthcare settings to advance voter registration and GOTV in three ways:

Site-Based Voter Registration: Vot-ER works with
over 300 hospitals providing posters, discharge
paperwork, and patient handouts.

 Digital Outreach: Vot-ER leverages hospitals and
community health centers as trusted messengers
about voting via SMS, telehealth, and hospital

Healthy Democracy Kit: Healthcare providers wear
a “Ready to Vote?" lanyard and a voter registration
badgebacker (pictured) with a QR-code and SMS
shortcode that they can use to help patients
register to vote or request an absentee ballot.

Learn more about Vot-ER here.