Join Us, Magnify Our Voice!

Join Us, Magnify Our Voice!

We want you to join the League of Women Voters. EVERYONE is welcome!

Membership in the League of Women Voters, the most respected and effective grassroots organization in the country, is open to men and women of all ages. 



Why Should I Join?          

 Joining the League of Women Voters is a great way to get involved in our community and play an active role in our democracy.

  • contribute valuable service to the community
  • gain knowledge and experience through the study and discussion of timely and important topics
  • discover new interests, develop new skills and learn about crucial issues in our community
  • engage at the local and state levels on legislative priorities
  • make professional contacts and develop lasting friendships as you meet others in League who share your interests

As a member, you may:

  • help with voter registration, civics education, or election information
  • provide voters with election information they need
  • participate in observer corps to ensure public accountability in politics
  • help organize our public forums and lobby with us on key issues
  • have the opportunity to study local issues

 You can be sure that your membership dues add to our grassroots strength.

Our members make a visible difference by learning to use their skills and experience to create positive, lasting change in our communities. 

 Join or renew online Complete this Membership Information Form, and pay online OR mail  your check to:

League of Women Voters of the Spokane Area
2404 N. Howard St
Spokane, WA 99205

 The League wants EVERYONE if you are unable to afford annual dues please apply for a SCHOLARSHIP