Presentations & Work

Presentations & Work

Our Environmental Work

LWVSA membership has been involved with Spokane Aquifer issues for many years. The Annual Meeting (May 2020) approved a Water Standing Program Committee. In November 2020 the LWVSA broadened the scope of the committee to include Environmental Issues as reflected by the interests of League members and supported by League positions. The committee began meeting in December 2020 to formulate a direction.

In 2021, the Spokane Sustainability Action Plan was reviewed and presented by the Environmental Issues committee to the Spokane League membership. Go to the Sustainability Action Subcommittee website to follow the progress of the Sustainability Subcommittee.



 April 2022 our committee conducted a program on Regenerative Agriculture, which included information on composting, as well as a demonstration on the sustainability challenge at Sustainable Spokane.

In November 2022, the Spokane LWV Environmental Issues committee drove the discussion and consensus process for the League of Women Voters of Washington Shoreline Study.  Learn more about the the Shoreline Management Act (SMA) and how the SMA applies to Spokane.

LWVWA Position updates as a result of the Shoreline Study