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Environment  DNREC Open Houses on Coastal Zone Conversions

Delaware's Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) will hold three public open houses in February 2019 seeking input on preliminary recommendations made by the Coastal Zone Conversion Permit Act Regulatory Advisory Committee. The open houses will be held from 5-8 p.m. as follows:

      • Monday, Feb. 25, Claymont Community Center, 3301 Green Street, Claymont, DE 19703
      • Tuesday, Feb. 26, Delaware City Fire Hall, 815 5th Street, DeFaware City, DE 19706
      • Wednesday, Feb. 27, Elbert Palmer Elementary School, 1210 Lobdell Street, Wilmington, DE 19801 Members of the public may attend at any point during the open houses. Refer to the attachment for full details: DNREC seeking public input If you attend one of these meetings, please sen d your observations, comments and questions to Coralie Pryde. These proposed regulations cover a lot of ground and most of us are unlikely to be knowledgeable about every issue... we can, at least, alert each other if we spot anything that raises questions.

Vote411  VOTE411 Celebrates a Successful 2018 Election Season 

The LWV online voters' guide website,, had a record-setting year in 2018. Two days before the election, a million more voters had already used the site nationally this year than in the entire 2016 Presidential Election season. On the morning of November 6, Megan Brown posted "We're seeing huge traffic already this morning! We currently have 12,300 people looking at the candidate information on the site!"

The excitement was aided by celebrities - John Oliver urged his viewers to visit VOTE411 on his October 28 Last Week Tonight Show, and - Amy Schumer promoted the VOTE411 candidate guides on Instagram on November 5. Celebrity impact is huge. After the John Oliver show, traffic for the site surged roughly 20 times compared to an average Sunday following.

Delaware's VOTE411 online voters' guide for the 2018 party primary elections was live from July 16 to Sept 6, and our general election guide was live from Sept 7 to Nov 6. Thanks to the efforts of our fabulous volunteers, we finished with over 70% candidate participation for both guides, including all candidates for state-wide races (U.S. Senate, U.S. House, state AG, Auditor and Treasurer) in the general election. Candidates from all parties, in every race on the ballot from U.S. Senate down to New Castle/Kent/Sussex county-level races, were invited to submit information for our Delaware VOTE411 guide.

Our county-level VOTE411 advertising teams netted some great publicity!

LWVDE Joins DELCOG Petition Urging Investigation of LLCS

LWVDE joined a press conference held Monday, August 6, where the Delaware Coalition for Open Government urged the (see PDF iconhere) urging Attorney General Matt Denn to initiate an investigation of the state's system for limited liability companies. The petition asked Denn to appoint an Independent Counsel to identify weaknesses in the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act. The other signatories on the petition also included the Civic League for New Castle County, the Delaware Press Association, Pacem in Terris, American Promise Delaware, Delaware Get Money Out, and Network Delaware.

The law facilitates the use of Delaware LLCs as "as fronts to commit crimes," according to the petition. "The time has arrived where the Attorney General, who is the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Delaware, can take some action," said DelCOG President Nick Wasileski.

The petitioners said they want an independent counsel to:

      • Study the language of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act to identify provisions that facilitate the misuse of Delaware limited liability companies as fronts to commit crimes;
      • Investigate issues of fraud against the state committed by bad actors that form LLCs to commit crimes, prosecute when criminal liability is assessed, and levy monetary and other appropriate penalties;
      • Make recommendations for amendments to provisions of the Act.

LWVDE has supported legislation over the past few years urging better transparency for LLCs whose beneficial owners can remain anonymous in numerous cases.

ERA Action Alert /LWVDE Action Alert

Support Delaware ERA HB399 and attend League Day in Dover and spend the entire day! HB 399, adding an ERA to the Delaware Constitution, is scheduled for a vote in Committee at 3:30 pm that day with debate on the Senate Floor, immediately following! If you haven't already registered for League Day, you can do so by TOMORROW Sunday, May 6. Use a credit card or PayPal to register online here. Scroll down to Donate with a Credit Card or Donate with PayPal, hit the Donate link at that site. Donate $30. We will know that is for League Day.

LWVDE Council Meeting 

Save the date. On Saturday, May 19, 2018, from 10 am to 3 pm, the State Council meeting will be held at the Dover City Library. The merger of LWVDE and the Ed Fund into a single 501(c)(3) organization will be discussed and voted on. Speaker Amy Hjerstedt from LWVUS will outline the national organiation's Transformation Roadmap. 

Action Alert on Gun Safety

The House is considering two bills strongly supported by LWVDE. Please contact your legislators and urge them to support the following two bills:

      • Support HB 330. This bill would change from 18 to 21 the age of a person to whom another person can sell, give, or transfer a firearm or ammunition for a firearm. See the League statement PDF iconhere.
      • Support HB 302. It would give our mental health professionals more ways to raise red flags with law enforcement and limit access to firearms for patients they believe could harm themselves or others. Its provisions aim to ensure due process for those identified as potentially dangerous.

Attend the hearing at 2:30 pm Wednesday in the House Chambers at Legislative Hall, 411 Legislative Ave. in Dover to show your support. Wear your LWV pin and join the rest of us.

For a flyer with more info, including bill sponsors and co-sponsors and how to contact your legislators, go here.

League Testifies on Governor's Budget

During late January and February, several Advocacy Corps members spoke at hearings of the Joint Finance Committee to urge approval of some of the Governor's budget provisions and decry the absence of funding for some important programs. 

      • According to the press release issued by the Governor's office, "the Fiscal Year 2019 Recommended Budget, sent to the General Assembly in January, represents a balanced $4.2 billion financial plan that will make important investments in Delaware's economy, workforce, and public schools, while ensuring budget sustainability.
      • The Governor's "Responsible Investment" proposal limits budget growth to 3.49 percent and allocates $100 million of surplus, one-time revenue into one-time investments in the capital budget.
      • Learn more about the proposed budget and whether it is truly sustainable at League Day in Dover.

This Way to the Voting Booth Updated

      • Everything you ever wanted to know about how to register and vote in Delaware
      • 2018 deadlines for registering, election dates, what to expect at the polling place, and specific information about voting in school board elections.
      • The 2018 Primary Election is scheduled for Thursday, September 6 instead of the typical Tuesday election day.
      • The 4-page brochure can be printed on legal sized paper for distribution. It is available PDF iconhere and a version that can be printed without using so much red ink is availablePDF iconhere.

LWVUS Notes Opportunity to Comment on Offshore Drilling

The Trump Administration's plan to allow drilling along coasts of the United States (except Florida) will begin moving ahead this year, if not modified after the public comment period. This will take our country in the wrong direction in addressing climate change. There is still time, but not much, to submit comments opposing the proposed policy shift. All concerned Leagues and members are urged to do so. Members should indicate that they are a member of the [local] League.

The LWVUS Climate Change Task Force has developed some PDF iconbackground and message points to consider when commenting. Public comment is being received through the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) website until 11:59 Eastern on March 9th.

LWVUS Board Adopts 2018 Legislative Priorities 

The LWVUS Board has set the following as the legislative priorities for 2018:

      • Campaign for Making Democracy Work™ (MDW), with special emphasis on protecting voting rights
      • Watchdog: Respond strategically on issues with LWV positions when needed, but focus on the Campaign for Making Democracy Work™.

The board recognizes that the coming year will be full of the unexpected. The main focus for LWVUS should continue to be our MDW Campaign, but other topics are expected to pop up that are important to the LWV including:

      • the Dream Act and immigration reform, climate change and health care defense
      • Advocacy staff, working with the president and advocacy chair, will respond to watchdog issues as time allows
      • The board can re-examine or re-align legislative priorities as the situation may dictate throughout the coming year.

September 25, 2018 - Voters Registration Day

Sign up your League as a partner in this celebration of democracy, simply by hosting or publicizing a registration event in your community on 9/25. Join thousands of organizations, elected officials, celebrities, and other partners---including hundreds of participating state and local Leagues---by signing up today! The League has been the single largest on-the-ground partner for NVRD since 2012. Let's keep up the trend!

Updated Action Alert - Priority Bills

    • The legislature is speeding toward June 30, so a lot is happening quickly. Click PDF iconhere for the latest update.
    • Priority bills with the best chances are HB 90 and HB 446 PDF iconabsentee and early voting plus HB 113PDF icon earned income tax credit (EITC).
    • Urge all members to focus now on your Senators for these three bills covered in the position papers at the links just above.
    • For background on most of the issues addressed by our other priority bills, go to Our Advocacy Work and scroll down to position papers and/or Testimonies.
    • Phone number or email address for your legislators - Senate or House.

    Top Priority Bills for Action by June 30

    The League of Women Voters of Delaware has published a list of its top 12 priority bills for which we are seeking action before the General Assembly adjourns on June 30 (or early a.m. on July 1). The list isPDF iconhere.

    Members are urged to contact their own legislators on even one or two bills of their choice to enhance the efforts of the League's registered (VOLUNTEER) lobbyists. Members are encouraged to indicate their membership in the League and to pick more than one or two!

    Action Alert!

    The League of Women Voters of Delaware is asking you to contact your state senator to oppose HB 190. This bill would be enormously detrimental to the Coastal Zone. Click on PDF iconClimate Change caucus for details.

    The caucus Promoting a Price on Carbon was held by members of the Delaware, California, Illinois and Massachusetts Leagues. Chad Tolman discussed the Delaware "Price on Carbon Study" and others spoke about League actions around the country. The delegates nearly unanimously passed the following three resolutions proposed by the Oregon League:

        • Therefore be it resolved, the LWVUS consider signing onto an Amicus Brief with the 21 youth plaintiffs from Our Children's Trust.
        • Therefore be it resolved, LWVUS support the United States ratification of the UN COP 21 Paris Agreement.
        • Therefore be it resolved, that the LWVUS continue working for full implementation of the EPA Clean Power Plan, especially at the state level, as a first step, and should call on the White House to implement an updated science-based Climate Action Plan that stabilizes global warming by bringing CO2 levels down to no more than 350 ppm by 2100. For Tolman's complete notes, see Climate Change caucus.

    LWVUS Condems White Supremacists in Charlottesville

    Washington, DC - League of Women Voters president Chris Carson issued the following statement following the horrific acts by white supremacists in Virginia this weekend:

    "Yesterday the world watched in horror as white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. There is no place for hatred and violence in our democracy and all leaders must condemn these acts of domestic terrorism. We must send a strong message that while the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly are some of our most cherished rights and must be protected, those rights do not extend to what we witnessed yesterday. The League of Women Voters stands in solidarity with the victims of violence in Charlottesville and against white supremacism."

    Dr. Annie Norman, 35th Inductee into Hall of Fame for Delaware Women

    State Librarian Annie Norman, PHD,pictured above in a Delaware State News article. Now in its 35th year, the Hall of Fame is the oldest recognition and celebration of the remarkable achievements of Delaware women. Dr. Norman is a member of the LWVKC. Congratulations, Dr. Norman, on this prestigious and well-deserved award!

    Carrie Chapman Catt Award - 2016

    The League of Women Voters of New Castle County presented the Tenth Carrie Chapman Catt Award to Moonyeen Klopfenstein, La Vaida Owens-White, and Priscilla B. Rakestraw, on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at Arsht Hall, University of Delaware.

    League Day in Dover - 2016 

    League Day in Dover was held Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at the Outlook at the Duncan Center, Dover, and focused on Access to Justice: Current Issues in Delaware's General Assembly: Bail Reform, Pre-trial Detention, Minimum Mandatory Sentencing, and Solitary Confinement. Rep. J. J. Johnson, Chair,and Brian Bartley, Office of the Public Defender House Corrections Committee were in attendance. The forum was well attended and informative. After lunch many attendees headed to Legislative Hall to distribute folders to all legislators. The folders contained fact sheets about issues and legislation high on the agendas of the League's and its cosponsors. Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Delaware. Cosponsors: American Association of University Women (AAUW); American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow; Delaware Center for Justice (DCJ); Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence (DCAGV); Delaware Coalition for Open Government (DelCOG); Delaware Commission For Women; Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice; Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark.

    Current and Recent Advocacy Actions - 2016

    Supporting minimum wage legislation, February 6, 2016. To read President Jill Fuch's letter detailing the League's argument, click PDF iconhere.

    Bill of Rights Day, December 16

    In recognition of Bill of Rights Day, December 15, LWVDE President Jill Fuchs has issued a call for action to protect our rights. This special day was first declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt just 10 days before the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor in 1941. He proclaimed this historic document, "the great American charter of personal liberty and human dignity." See her statement PDF iconhere.

    Wilmington Education Improvement Plan statement, December 2015

    Information can be is found PDF iconhere.

    Access to Justice Commission

    Sandy Spence testified at a hearing of the Access to Justice Commission in Georgetown on December 1. The Commission was established by Chief Justice Leo Strine to identify causes of racial disparity in the criminal justice system and propose ways to reduce those disparities. The statement isPDF icon here.

    Joint Statement of LWVDE and S. DE Alliance for Racial Justice

    Charlotte King presented a joint statement of the LWVDE and the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice at a hearing of the Delaware Criminal Justice Council at a hearing in Georgetown on October 22, 2015. It outines priority criminal justice issues of concern to both organizatons. The statement is PDF iconhere.

    League Awarded Common Cause Achievement Award - 2015 

    President Jill Fuchs and LWVDE members with the Award, given to LWVDE, LWVNCC, LWVKC and LWVSC.

    League Day - 2015

    League Day in Dover is held annually in late March. A record number of members and friends attended League Day 2015. Traditionally, we have focused in-depth on a single issue of priority interest. We took a different approach in 2015, addressing five priority issues with expert speakers covering each topic in half-hour segments, including questions and answers.

        • Voting and Elections (Elaine Manlove, DE Commission of Elections)
        • Campaign Finance(John Flaherty, President, DE Coalition for Open Government)
        • Housing (Susan Starrett, Senior Program Manager, CSH)
        • Justice (Joanna Champney, Chief of Planning, DE Department of Correction)
        • Environment/Land Use - the Coastal Zone (Richard Fleming, Ph.D., Delaware Nature Society)

    We met at Christ Episcopal Church, just three blocks from Legislative Hall for the informative morning session, enjoyed a catered lunch, and then visited Legislative Hall.

    The afternoon was full of activity. Here, members gathered in the lobby waiting for the House of Representatives to go into session to adopt House Concurrent Resolution 14 commemorating the 95th Anniversary of the League's founding in 1920, the same year as adoption of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote.

    Later, the Senate unanimously concurred in HCR 14. Seen here is Senator Bethany Hall-Long, presiding as President Pro Tem Patricia Blevin introduced the House Concurrent Resolution and Senator David McBride, Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, expressed special appreciation of the LWVDE's years of work seeking enactment of the "bottle bill" that required a refundable deposit on certain recyclable beverage containers and our later support for replacing that law with universal recycling.

    Governor Markell met with us in his office at Legislative Hall. Look for him in the back row. He commented on growing up under the influence of his mother who remains a member of the League in New Castle County. He engaged with us in a discussion of funding concerns and the League's work on several issues, and urged us to continue to "stand up to power." At the conclusion of our meeting, he presented a Proclamation honoring our 95th Anniversary. President Charlotte King is holding it in the front row.

    In addition to observing the House and Senate Sessions, meeting with the Governor and attending some Committee hearings on important topics such as Repeal of the Death Penalty, members delivered folders with our new Position Papers to every legislator's office. See links to Position Papers below.

    Perspectives on the Potential of Delaware Ports

    What's the impact of expanding Delaware's ports on jobs, environment, government? On Wednesday, November 11, 2015, the League will host a panel presentation on the expansion of Delaware ports. Come to this panel to hear from a diverse range of speakers about what the potential might be for the future of Delaware ports. Beginning with donut holes and cider at 6:30 pm, followed by the panel at 7 pm, the event will be held at the ILA Hall, 200 S. Claymont St., Wilmington, DE. The ILA Hall is katty corner from Elbert Palmer Elementary School, one block east of the intersection of Heald Street (Route 13) and Newcastle Avenue (Route 9). At 8:30 pm members of the audience will be invited to submit written questions to panelists. Thanks to William Ashe, President of Local 1694, for arranging the use of the hall.

    John Flaherty, President of the Coalition for Open Government will be the facilitator. The Long Term Contract, signed on October 20th, will be described by Gene Bailey, Administrator of the Port of Wilmington. Economic considerations will be discussed by Michael Casson, jr., Associate Professor of Economics, Delaware State University. Dave Carter, President of the Audubon Society and retired environmental manager, will talk on the relation of the Delaware Coastal Zone Act and environmental considerations relative to port expansion. Representing the three ports will be Bob Byrd, lobbyist, speaking on behalf of the Evraz Steel Mill site; Sen. Bob Marshall, Chair of the Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee, will speak on behalf of the Port of Wilmington; Ronald "Kimoko" Harris, Business Agent with International Longshoremen's Union Local 1883, will discuss possibilities for the Riveredge site.

    Mr. Bailey will discuss the contract which was authorized by the Board of Directors of the Port of Wilmington. The contract will be/was signed on October 20th, directing one of four applicants to explore the expansion.

    We look forward to seeing you at the ILA Hall on Nov. 11th!

    League Members met with 20 Outstanding Young Sub Saharan Attending WEI

    Several League members met on July 21 with 20 outstanding young women from Sub-Saharan Africa who were attending the Women's Empowerment Institute (WEI) for Sub Saharan African Women at the University of Delaware. Many of them may well be part of state reconstruction and institutional rebuilding in their countries of origin. For more details, go to PDF iconSummer Voter.

    LWVDE Amicus Brief

    LWVDE announced on July 16 that state voters had been well served that day when a court case was decided in their favor, which leads to more transparency in elections. The LWVDE has been involved in this case since 2014, when it submitted an Amicus Brief with Common Cause. The court adopted some of the reasoning set forth in that brief in its final decision.

    The court case involved Delaware Strong Families (DSF), whose mission as posted on their website is, "To rebuild a culture of marriage, family, and freedom and raise up the next generation of leaders." DSF disseminated its 2012 Voter Guide without disclosing its donors in spite of legislation requiring advocacy groups to disclose donors behind political advertisements.

    The DSF 2012 Voter Guide lists a series of statements concerning a Single Payer Healthcare System, adding gender identity to the protected classes in Delaware law, strengthening and maintaining marriage as the union of one man and one woman and prohibiting coverage for abortion in the state insurance exchanges mandated by the new federal health care law. It also lists all Delaware federal and state candidates and their respective stances in support of or opposition to each statement.

    DSF held that the Delaware Elections Disclosure Act is unconstitutional as applied to DSF's voter guide. On July 16, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit reversed a decision from the United States District Court for the District of Delaware that sided with DSF. The Court of Appeals stated that there was no case law to support such a decision by the lower court.

    The July 16 decision addressed several points of contention in the case including "express advocacy" and "issue advocacy" to describe different types of election-related speech. The former encompasses communications that expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, while the latter are communications that seek to impact voter choice by focusing on specific issues. According to the Court of Appeals decision, the Supreme Court has consistently held that disclosure requirements are not limited to "express advocacy" and that there is not a "rigid barrier between express advocacy and so-called issue advocacy."

    The District Court had previously concluded that the Delaware Elections Disclosure Act's disclosure requirements could not constitutionally reach DSF's Voter Guide because it was a "neutral communication" by a "neutral communicator, pointing to its status as a 501(c)(3) organization. DSF argued in its reply brief that, by virtue of this status, it is not permitted to engage in "any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office." However, the Appeals Court concluded that it is the conduct of an organization, rather than an organization's status with the Internal Revenue Service, that determines whether it makes communications subject to the Act.

    DSF has subsequently filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court.

    People's Climate March in NYC, Sunday, September 21, 2014

    Get your ticket to change history. Join the Sierra Club, the LWVUS, and hundreds of other organizations! Bend the course of history: the People's Climate March is an unparalleled opportunity to let President Obama and our world leaders know how urgently the public is calling for solutions to climate disruption, and how we need to move quickly from dirty fuels to clean energy. With your help, this will be the biggest public outpouring of support for climate solutions this planet has ever seen.

    Delawareans are already feeling the impacts of climate change and now is the time to demand action from our leaders. With your help we hope to send at least 150 people from Delaware to the People's Climate March. We'll coordinate the buses but we need you to fill them.

    At this point the plan is to have the buses leave from Newark and Wilmington in time to get to New York by about 1 pm. The places and times are to be determined. Round trip bus tickets for most will cost about $25, with some tickets available for less for those in financial need. Stephanie Herron has set up a secure Eventbrite website for people to purchase tickets or contribute to help others. For those coming from Kent and Sussex Counties, Stephanie will help arrange carpools to get to the buses.

    Please sign up and buy your ticket as soon as possible so the organizers can confirm travel arrangements and put down the bus deposits.

    Inland Bays Foundation and LWVSC Dinner

    The Inland Bays Foundation and the LWVSC invite you to a dinner honoring Governor Jack Markell in recognition of his "Clean Water for Delaware's Future" initiative. The dinner will be Thursday, October 16, 2014, from 5:30 - 9:00 pm at the Irish Eyes Restaurant, 213 Anglers Road, Lewes. Click PDF iconhere for a reservation form.

    Join us for the opportunity to hear Governor Markell share his vision for Delaware, what he is doing to bring it about, and what you can do to help.

    Clean water is essential for a healthy and prosperous Delaware," said Gov. Markell. "We have made great strides reducing air pollution and cleaning up brownfield sites, yet nearly every waterway in Delaware, other than our beaches, remains unsafe for swimming and fishing and nearly every community is struggling with more frequent flooding and storms.

    Clean Water for Delaware's Future will invest in projects that improve water quality, improve community resiliency, protect our health and safety, support our multi-billion dollar tourism and agriculture industries, bolster the economic revitalization of our cities and towns, and increase property values; all while creating thousands of jobs for years to come.

    The League of Women Voters of Delaware and the Inland Bays Foundation applaud Governor Markell's foresight and planning for a better environment and economy for Sussex County.

    Coastal Zone Tour

    Join the League for a tour of the Coastal Zone in New Castle County, co-sponsored by Delaware Wild Lands. We'll travel by air-conditioned bus with lavatory from the Christiana Mall parking lot to points of interest in the New Castle County section of the Coastal Zone. Phil Cherry, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, will talk to us about the Coastal Zone Act, and will discuss sites on the tour in the context of that groundbreaking legislation. Lorraine Fleming will be on hand to add environmental comments. We'll see some grandfathered sites, we'll stop at the Taylor's Bridge site, shown at right, where Shell Oil wanted to build a refinery over 40 years ago. We'll also see sites threatened by sea level rise, we'll look at the site proposed for a new port, and other sites significant as exemplars of the recreational and environmental values we treasure.

    Saturday, September 13th, 9 am - 4 pm Meet at Christiana Mall parking lot, near Cabella's (north end of mall parking lot) Check in no later than 8:45 am. Reserved seats are $15 each. Only 47 spaces...first come, first served. Please reserve your place no later than Mon., Sept.8, 10 am. Box lunches from Panera may be ordered at the time you reserve your seat for $10 or $11 each; sandwiches: smoked turkey ($10) or Mediterranean veggie ($10); salads: Asian sesame chicken ($11), strawberry poppy seed ($11). Lunches include chips, cookie, and drink. Call the League of Women Voters of New Castle County to make your reservation: 302-571-8948, or write to 2400 W. 17th St., Clash Wing, Lower Level, Wilmington, DE 19806 Reservation secured upon payment by credit card or check.

    To reserve a seat, click here. Everyone is welcome. This tour is open to the public.

    "An Evolving Legacy: Delaware's Coastal Zone Act"

    The film, "An Evolving Legacy: Delaware's Coastal Zone Act," kicks off the week-long celebration of the Coastal Zone Act. It is free, cosponsored by the LWVDE and the DE Sierra Club.

        • Monday, June 30, 6:30 pm
        • Camden Friends Meeting 122 E. Camden-Wyoming Ave. Camden DE

    Although the film is scheduled to begin at 6:45 pm, you are asked to arrive by 6:30. Everyone is invited to stay for a brief discussion after the film. Forty years ago, Delaware's landmark Coastal Zone Act preserved the state's shoreline, making it off-limits to heavy industrial development. The battle to pass this visionary legislation transformed local environmental awareness into sweeping statewide action, challenging other states and the nation to do the same.

    The Act's legacy still poses questions that are as complex as the ecosystem it continues to protect. "An Evolving Legacy" + Delaware's Coastal Zone Act recounts its origins, its history to date, and the ongoing challenge of balancing industrial development with environmental preservation.

    Statewide Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was landmark legislation outlawing racial segregation and discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Learn history, make history. Join in remembering the courageous people who passed the torch of justice and civil rights to us.

    All events are FREE and open to the public. For more information call the Division of Human Relations, 877-54-HUMAN. See the flyer and the calendar of events shown below.

    Kent County

        • July 2, 2014 Freedom Riders Film Showing & Discussion 7pm: Free Feature @ The Schwartz Center (Dover)
        • Films & Discussions @ Dover Library: July 9 @ 2pm (The Abolitionists Film/Part I) July 23 @ 2pm (The Abolitionists Film/Part II) Aug 6 @ 2pm (The Abolitionists Film/Part III) Aug 29 @ 2pm (Slavery Film & Discussion) Sep 3 @ 2pm (The Loving Story Film & Discussion) Sep 17 @ 2pm (Freedom Riders Film & Discussion)

    New Castle County

        • Wednesday, July 2, 2014, Commemorative Rally-- Public Officials, Community Leaders, and Children reflect on the importance of the Act. Freedom Plaza from 12:30 - 1:15 pm (French St., Wilmington, between 8th & 9th)
        • "Freedom Riders" Film & Discussion, Carvel State Office Bldg. at 5:30 pm, (9th & French St., Wilmington) 5-5:30 pm Food & Refreshments

    Sussex County

        • July 2, 2014 , 6:00 pm Peaceful Walk for Justice, Georgetown 6 pm. Starting at St. Michael's Church (202 Edward St.). Excerpts of inspirational speeches from civil rights leaders, freedom songs, and more

    LWVUS Convention 2014, Dallas, Texas

    After action reporting: Information from some of the convention workshops is presented at the following three links: (Links have expired.)

    Registration: Join your fellow national, state and local League Leaders for 4 days of interesting speakers on a variety of topics, networking, education, discussion & debate on issues that are important to our organization and our democracy. While you are there, take the time to explore the host city with events planned by the local Leaguers. And most important -- join in the fun!

        • Where: Omni Hotel, Dallas; Registration Fee: $335.00
        • Begin Event: 2014-06-06 12:00:00; End Event: 2014-06-10 18:00:00
        • Convention attendees who plan to participate in the LWVDE carbon emissions reduction caucus on June 7 are encouraged to use the Carbon Emissions Reduction Recommended Reading List.
        • Those who will be part of the LWV Climate Change Task Force caucus on new resources for climate action on June 8 are encouraged to use the SLR Recommended Reading List..
        • Chad Tolman will be speaking at both caucuses.

    Retreat and Council 2014 

    The League of Women Voters of Delaware held a retreat and its biennial COUNCIL 2014 from Friday, May 2 to Sunday, May 4 at the Virdin Conference Center in Lewes, Delaware. The theme of the retreat was "What is Your Passion?" Workshops were as follows:

        • Advocating for Justice, Equality and Acceptance
        • Contemporary Strategies for Fundraising
        • Membership Development
        • Aging as Part of the Human Condition
        • League Legislative Priorities
        • The Current Agenda of the Delaware General Assembly In addition, all profited from the time allowed for socializing, training, and movies.

    "Inequality for All," A Robert Reich Film

    All are invited to a free screening of Robert Reich's new movie, "Inequality for All" debuted at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival; this film is a passionate argument on behalf of the middle class. "Inequality for All" features Reich as he demonstrates how the widening income gap and the public policies that helped create it have devastated the American economy. The screening is at 11 am on April 1 at the Dover Pubic Library, 35 Loockerman Plaza, Dover. This screening is part of the 50 State Capital Tour funded by the Ford Foundation. All state legislators have been invited to participate and the Kent County delegation will lead a discussion after the film.

    This event is hosted by Common Cause, Dover Public Library, Americans for Democratic Action, League of Women Voters of Delaware, Kent County League of Women Voters, Kent County Progressives, and Pacem in Terris.

    LWVDE Land Use/Transportation Committee Meeting

    The next Committee meeting will be Monday, April 7, at the home of Jane Dilley, 220 Azalea Lane, West Grove. Skype will be available if you notify Peggy by Sunday afternoon that you want to Skype yourself into the meeting. We're looking forward to other voices from all three counties. The discussion of the Coastal Zone Act will continue. We will consider developing a one-page CZ fact sheet, review state of litigation, discuss Sunoco's Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, examine permit list, develop final list of questions, and list places of interest to see on a possible tour of the Coastal Zone.

    Questions at this point are:

    1. Goals and Environmental Indicators are required by the CZA. As far as we can tell these haven't been activated in any systematic way. Would you agree that is the case? Why do you think this hasn't happened?
    2. Is there a standardized step-by-step process for reviewing and evaluating an application for status decisions, for a permit, for off-sets? If there is such a process is this something to which our LWV committee could have access?
    3. Do you believe the environmental indicators are necessary or would you favor removing this requirement?

    The one-page fact sheet is something that we'd like to have ready in case Coastal Zone issues arise suddenly in the State Legislature. Please let Jane and me know ahead of time if you'd like to draft this for sharing at the meeting. By following this link, you can access the original Coastal Zone Act, the regulations, and a history of the act. It would be helpful to know in advance if you plan to attend the meeting.

    Law Day 2014

    Law Day, a day of national dedication to the principles of government under law, was established in 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and in 1961 Congress passed a joint resolution designating May 1 as the official date for celebrating Law Day. Law Day programs are designed to help people understand how the law keeps us free and how our legal system strives to achieve justice and how it affects our daily lives. Each year a theme is chosen to spotlight a particular aspect of the rule of law or the legal process.

    The president of the United States issues an annual Law Day proclamation, and thousands of Law Day programs are conducted across the country.

    League Day League Day in Dover - 2014 

    Delaware Agriculture is an $8 billion dollar industry helping to feed America and the world by producing and processing a wide array of fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, and milk. The poultry industry is recognized as the mainstay of Delaware Agriculture. To help us understand its effects, League Day 2014 featured balanced presentations by distinguished representatives of farm families, agribusiness, environmental regulation, academia, and state and federal government. The program and pesentations from League Day 2014 are available below. Some of the files may open slowly, as the presentations are large and have been compressed. (Link not available at this time.)

    HB 105, "Election Day Registration Bill" 

    Letty Diswood coordinates the Voting and Elections portfolio for LWVDE, and she represented the League at a press conference on February 12. She urged passage of HB 105, a bill to allow voters to register on election day.

    SB 6, "The Minimum Wage Bill"

    President Charlotte King presented the LWVDE's support for the proposed minimum wage bill, SB6, at the hearing of the House Committee on Economic Development onn Tuesday, January 28, 2014, The LWVDE supports SB6 based on a policy adopted by the LWVUS which states: "Persons...whose earnings are inadequate...have the right to an income...adequate to meet their basic needs for food, shelter and access to health care."

        • On January 30, the bill passed the House, went back to the Senate for approval of a version that deleted indexing, passed the Senate, and was signed by the Governor. How's that for speedy action?

    Facing Climate Change - A Call to Action

    The article "Facing Climate Change - A Call to Action" appeared in the Holiday 2013 edition of Delaware Beach Life. In this article, Lynn Parks wraps up her season-long look at the effects of climate change on coastal Delaware with a call to action from local activists, LWVNCC's Dr. Chad Tolman among them. The author addresses the retreating shoreline, land subsidence, and estimates of future sea-level rise. "Delaware sits at the heart of what scientists have identified as a 'hotspot' of sea level rise, where waters are expected to be as much as a foot higher than either of those estimates. Add in the fact that land in the region is actually subsiding and you get a relative sea level rise of at least 5 to 6 feet over the next 90 years. And remember -- a 5-foot increase doesn't mean that you just back up your beach chair by that much. It means that land less than 5 feet above sea level will be inundated..."

    Pat Todd Recipient of 2014 Delaware Audubon Society Conservation Award 

    Pat Todd will be honored at the Delaware Audubon Society's annual meeting with the presentation of Delaware Audubon's Annual Conservation Award. Pat, Natural Resources Co-chair of and lobbyist with the League of Women Voters of Delaware, has provided a lifetime of service to the League.

        • Among her many achievements, she steadfastly advocated for Delaware's two major recycling bills, beginning in 1976 and following up with the most recent legislation enacted in 2011.
        • Pat has worked on a wide variety of environmental issues in Delaware, as the LWV-DE lobbyist and energy policy director. Her longtime friend and fellow environmental advocate Lorraine Fleming was quoted in the News Journal, saying Pat "really has her finger on everything environmental." She has been described as passionate, but also reasonable, approachable, and a consensus builder.
        • A "News Journal" feature in 2011 named Pat Todd one of "50 Delawareans Who Matter: A list of Delaware's unsung heroes" + people who make a difference in all of our lives. Pat was chosen for her achievements in preserving and protecting the environment.
        • The meeting will be held at 6 pm, Saturday, December 6, at the Film Brothers Co-op, 205 N. Market Street, Wilmington. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.
        • Admission will be $25 for an individual or two for $40. The fee includes hors d'oeuvres and drinks. Ample parking is available in a garage directly across the street. Payment can be made at the door, but please RSVP by emailing us or calling the office at 302-292-3970.

    LWV Urgent Action Alert: HB 88

    HB 88 will save lives by establishing a legal process for keeping guns out of the hands of those who present a danger to themselves or others. Its Synopsis states: "This Act is designed to create procedures in Delaware for making sure firearms are not in the hands of dangerous people while protecting due process and not creating a barrier to care for those suffering from mental illness."

        • The bill overwhelmingly passed the House with strong bipartisan support, 40-1, last year. But even though both mental health advocates and the NRA found it acceptable, it was then DEFEATED in the Senate by a vote of 13 NO, 6 Yes and 2 Not Voting on June 27, astonishing and dismaying supporters.
        • Although the bill was defeated, Senate rules allow it to be brought up for a repeat vote FOR A VERY SHORT TIME!! THE RE-VOTE IS EXPECTED TO OCCUR NEXT TUESDAY (January 14th), THE FIRST DAY THE LEGISLATURE GOES BACK INTO SESSION.
        • We ask you to contact your Senator via phone or email ASAP to urge him/her to SUPPORT HB 88. If your Senator voted yes, a thank you for doing so would be in order as we need to keep the yes votes in the yes column.
        • If your Senator voted NO OR FAILED TO VOTE, let him/her know that you + and the League of Women Voters of Delaware + are urging passage and we hope he/she will recognize the urgent need for passage.
        • Voting NO: Republicans Bonini, Cloutier, Hocker, Lavelle, Lawson, Lopez, Pettyjohn, Simpson
        • Democrats: Bushweller, Ennis, Marshall, McBride, Venables
        • Not Voting: Democrats Poore, Townsend
        • Please email lwvde [at] to let us know how your Senator responded to your call or email.

    League joins in Sea Level Rise Forums throughout State 

    Sea Level Rise Forums Held in Your Area

    PDF iconSea Level Rise Awareness Week is being recognized by the League of Women Voters of Delaware in conjunction with other organizations as we cosponsor public meetings throughout the state. We look forward to seeing you, your friends and neighbors, at the forum in your community.

        • PDF iconDover Forum
          • Monday, September 16, 2013, 7 pm
            Christ Episcopal Church, 523 S. State St., Dover
        • PDF iconWilmington Forum at Limestone Church
          • Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 7 pm
            Limestone Presbyterian Church, 3201 Limestone Rd.,
        • PDF iconLewes Forum
          • Friday, September 20, 2013, 7 pm
            St. Peter's Episcopal Church, 211 Mulberry St., Lewes
        • Wilmington Forum in Southbridge
          • Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 7 pm
            Elbert-Palmer Elementary School
            1210 Lobdell St., Wilmington

    A few of the actions recommended by our cosponsors for Sea Level Rise Awareness Week are: reducing energy use, recycling, planting native trees, and installing rain barrels. There are events every day of the week: book readings, tree plantings, and public meetings among them. For a complete listing of activities and cosponsors, click on (link is no longer active.) 

    LWVDE Board Orientation

    Over 30 state and local board members and committee members attended this orientation, held at the Barclay Farms Clubhouse in Camden. The orientation session provided a great opportunity for local and state board members to receive training to help increase effectiveness as board members and to share their interests.

    Governor Markell Signs Executive Order 41 

    Chad photo  Dr. Chad Tolman presents information on the science behind climate change

    On Sept.12, 2013 Governor Jack Markell kicked off Sea Level Rise Awareness Week today with Executive Order #41, taking everyone by surprise. This is the Executive Order for which the League's Climate Chair, Chad Tolman, has been campaigning for three years, with the League's support. Executive Order #41 creates the

    Governor's Committee on Climate and Resiliency, described as a new, long-term effort to get Delaware ready for the effects of climate change and sea level rise. It would require all state agencies to include sea level rise projections in their plans for state-financed projects. It also "requires development of strategies to make state facilities and operations better prepared to deal with sea-level rise, and to share findings with local governments," according to an article in A two-year study by DNREC's Sea Level Rise Advisory Committee, of which Tolman is a member, concludes that the state will have to pay huge costs in just the coastal areas of Delaware if the projections of a 5-foot sea level rise by 2100 actually take place. Following the signing of the Executive Order Gov. Markell handed commemorative pens to Sarah Cooksey, head of Coastal Programs, and to Chad Tolman.

    Convention 2013

    Audience League Day  League of Women Voters of Delaware held its "Biennial Convention on Saturday, May 18, 2013, at the Sheraton Hotel, Dover, Delaware.


    Ed McKee

    Mr. Ed McKee, Delaware Secretary of Agriculture, was the the Keynote Speaker. 


    The business of the meeting addressed officer and director elections, proposed program, new education study, proposed bylaw changes, proposed budget, and the outgoing president's business meeting. There were two workshops, as follow:

        • Membership/Leadership Development. Seminar leader: Deborah Macmillan, LWVUS mentor to LWVDE
        • Reading a Simple Financial Report. Seminar leader: Cheryl Cairncroft, Brandywine Accounting

    Heat and Health Warning System

    The Delaware Interfaith Power and Light organization is making an effort to bring a heat and health warning system to the state of Delaware. This would benefit many of our citizens and save lives during heat waves.

    League Day in Dover, Wednesday, March 27, 2013 

    League Day 2013 is dedicated to key public education issues. The program is designed to inform and to encourage discussion of key Delaware education issues in small groups with invited experts. Join us in this opportunity to learn about trends and issues in Delaware's public education as we work together for continuing improvement. Read aboutPDF icon  League Day

    Jackie Christman is LWVUS Observer at United Nations Forum on Status of Women 

    Jackie Christman (LWVNCC) is attending the UN Forum on the Status of Women as one of only 20 LWVUS observers from across the nation. The League was invited to consult at the first meeting regarding the establishment of the UN in 1945 by then-President of the United States Harry Truman, and it has been a been a vital force in the UN ever since. Jackie will have a report for us following the end of this year's Forum, and you will find it on our website and in our next VOTER. Congratulations,Jackie! We are very proud that you have been accorded this honor, and we look forward to your report!

    Death Penalty Rally and Press Conference 

    Please join us in Dover on March 12th to show your support for death penalty repeal. In concert with other organizations, we will be introducing a bill in the Delaware Senate to repeal the death penalty in Delaware. Lobby Training at Christ Church, S. State & Water Streets, 11 am. Rally and Press Conference at Legislative Hall, East Patio, 12:30 pm.

    We will be gathering with legislators, religious leaders, and community members to voice our support for death penalty repeal. Special guests will include Senator Karen Peterson, Senator Gary Simpson, Representative Darryl Scott, Representative Joe Miro, Bishop Peggy Johnson, Bishop Aretha Morton, Rabbi Yair Robinson, and more.

    Rashmi Rangan  Rashmi Rangan Given Citizen of Light Award

    Rashmi Rangan, former LWVDE president and 2012 Carrie Chapman Catt Award recipient, received a Citizen of Lights Award from Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker. Rangan's remarkable work with the Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council and her establishment of Stepping Stones, a credit union for those with low incomes,led to her selection as an award recipient.

    Help Wanted 

    The LWVDE Board is looking for chairs for the following positions. If you are interested, contact President Charolette King. 

    • Editor for The Voter: Solicit articles for, edit and publish our quarterly newsletter in both electronic and print form.
    • Historian: Review old records and destroy or distribute appropriately. (Some of these records may be State Archive material. Some should be retained in League files.) Keep appropriate current records. Are there any retired librarians out there?
    • The Advocacy Corps monitors all legislation introduced during the annual General Assembly in accordance with League policy and presents testimony in support of or opposition to legislation on which we have a League position. We are looking volunteers for the following positions which offer a great way to get involved in our advocacy work and to learn about Delaware's legislative process. If you are interested, contact Advocact Chair, Charlotte King.
    • Research Assistant: Provide material relevant to legislative bills and League studies via internet search or other means. Attendance at meetings or hearings is optional.
    • Data Input Assistant: Someone who can provide data entry assistance on pending legislative bills, including committee hearing dates. The existing template needs to be monitored and updated from January through June.

    Leaders' Update 

    Leaders' Update, September 13, 2012. Click on the following  link to access the stirring POWER THE VOTE message of the LWVUS president!

    League Day in Dover, 2012 - Campaign Finance & Lobbying Reform 

    Campaign Finance and Lobbying Reform - Disclosure in Delaware: Follow the Money was the topic for League Day in Dover: March 21, 2012, at the Duncan Center in Dover. LWV Advocacy Chair Charlotte King gave a historic perspective on the topics of the day and moderated the League's annual event that, this year, addressed a top priority for LWVDE as well as LWVUS.

        • Keynote speakersPDF icon  Elaine Manlove, Commissioner of Elections andPDF icon  Janet Wright, Counsel to the Public Integrity Commission kicked off the program explaining their respective roles in administering campaign finance and lobbying laws and regulation.
        • A panel presentation and discussion followed with presentations by James Browning, Common Cause; Frank Calio, retired Commissioner of Elections;PDF icon  A. Richard Heffron, V.P. of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce; and PDF iconJohn Sweeney, Editorial Page Editor of the News Journal. Several legislators and other state officials joined the group for serious discussion and networking at lunch. Click on the names of speakers underlined and appearing in blue above for copies of their presentations or notes taken by League members. Additional reports will be added in the days ahead.
        • Coverage of the event by the Cape Gazette is PDF iconhere.

    LWVDE & DELCOG Public Forum on Open Government 

    LWVDE and DELCOG public forum on Open Government Informed Attendees. In celebration of Sunshine Week, the League and the Delaware Coalition for Open Government co-sponsored a public forum on March 13, 2012 at the Dover City Council Chambers.

        • LWVDE Open Government Chair Dr. Margaret McKay opened the session with a presentation on the open records and open meetings requirements of the state Freedom of Information (FOIA) law.
        • Deputy Attorney General Kent Walker gave a fresh perspective on one of the Attorney General's top five priorities - open and accessible government. He referred attendees to a FOIA request form on the AG's website that can be used to request records from any agency.
        • Among other explanations of the law's requirements, Walker highlighted an issue that seems not to be clear to many local governments and school districts who tend to list Executive Session topics using generic language from the state law - "personnel, Pending/Potential Litigation, and Land Acquisition." He stated "That standard language isn't going to cut it with us," suggesting that the listing of Executive Session agenda items must be more specific.
        • Walker was the author of a PDF iconrecent opinion finding the Capital School District in violation of four of five complaints made by LWV Open Government Chair, Mickey McKay. See more on this opinion below.
        • Other speakers included Dover City Clerk Jody Stein who outlined the kind of records available to the public and how to access them. Rep. John Kowalko discussed HB 126 that defines "public body", "public record" and "meeting" in the state's Freedom of Information Act to include the University of Delaware and Delaware State University, and their respective Board of Trustees. Kowalko is a prime sponsor of the bill.
        • DELCOG President John Flaherty and Past President of the NAACP PDF iconCecil Wilson explained cases they had filed where public agencies failed to meet FOIA requirements. They urged attendees to be vigilant and persistent in identifying and taking on open government violations and to keep detailed records of every request, responses, names, dates, etc.

    Governor Urged to Address Energy & Climate Change 

    LWVDE joins coalition in urging the Governor to address energy and climate change. On June 24, 2011 a coalition of environmental groups in Delaware sent a letter to Governor Markell asking him to exercise leadership in the development and implementation of a comprehensive energy and climate change plan that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make Delaware "more resilient to the dangers of climate change for generations to come." Most of these groups met with Governor Markell on February 1, 2012 to present information about the importance of proceeding with this effort. This report documents this endeavor, and provides a foundation for moving forward in the long-range comprehensive energy and climate change planning process.

    Marcia recently gave us "Good News! There is no charge for a table to sell your fabulous League products in the wares market! We will provide the table and signage for your League." & DELCOG public forum on open government

    Capital School District Found in Violation of FOIA

    Attorney General Finds Capital School District in Violation of FOIA. In response to complaints filed by the League of Women Voters of Delaware and the Delaware Coalition for Open Government under the state's freedom of information act (FOIA), the Attorney General's office has issued an PDF iconopinion finding the Capital School District in violation of three of the four complaints. The complaints related to a decision by the school board to raise salaries of administrators during a closed session with no advance notice to the public that the decision was being considered. The most significant finding in the opinion was that within twenty days from receipt of the January 6, 2012 opinion, the school board must give the Attorney General's office information on how they will reconsider the salary increases for administrators in a manner consistent with FOIA requirements or recoup the funds already paid.

    The complaint was developed by LWVDE Open Government Chair, Dr. Margaret McKay of Dover who is also a member of the Delaware Coalition for Open Government.

    The Dover Post has published an article on the LWVDE's five-part PDF iconFOIA complaint against the Capital School District. The complaint grew out of the school board's decision to raise adminstrators' salaries. The LWVDE alleges that there was inadequate public notice of consideration of this issue, along with other concerns.

    LWVDE FOIA Chair quoted in News Journal 

    LWVDE FOIA Chair Quoted in News Journal. Mickey McKay is quoted in an October 20, 2011 article reporting on PDF iconGovernor Markell's Executive Order tightening state Freedom of Information requirements.

    LWVDE Justice Team Participates in Prositution Diversion Project Coalition 

    The LWVDE Justice Team is participating in the Prostitution Diversion Project Coalition. The project is a cooperative effort led by Brandywine Counseling and Community Services in partnership with the New Castle County Court of Common Pleas, the University of Delaware and Stand Up for What's Right and Just (SURJ) providing contracted services. The project's goal is to promote the health of women who engage in prostitution by applying a public health approach to prostitution and related criminal activity.

    LWVDE Welcomes Secretary Bhatt, New DELCOT Chief

    LWVDE has welcomed new DELDOT secretary and suggested a new focus. In thePDF icon  welcome letter, LWVDE outlined areas for attention drawn from a recently concluded two-year study of the interface between land use and transportation as those activities relate to Delaware's energy future. For background material developed for the Transportation/Land Use consensus process, see PDF iconConsensus document.

    LWVDE Urged Adoption of Energy Use/Climate Change Plan

    LWVDE has urged adoption of an aggressive and comprehensive energy use/climate change plan for Delaware. The recommendations that were sent in aPDF icon  letter to Governor Markell came from a 6-month study by the Energy/Green House Gas Subcommittee of LWVDE, refined through a series of consensus meetings in all three counties and adopted by the LWVDE Board in March. Supporting information can be found PDF iconhere.

    LWVDE Joined PA, NJ, & NY Leagues to Express Concerns about Fracking 

    LWVDE has joined PA, NJ, and NY Leagues to express concern about the dangers of "Fracking". In a  letter to the EPA Administrator, the four state Leagues urged restoration of the federal Clean Water Act as a means to provide protection for the Delaware River watershed from the dangers of the hydrofracking process used to extract natural gas, particularly in Marcellus Shale. Click  here to read a summary of the January forum held on hydrofracking in New Castle County.

    Delaware's FOIA Anniversary Celebrated 

    LWVDE and DELCOG celebrate Delaware's FOIA anniversary. On July 25, the LWVDE in partnership with the Delaware Coalition for Open Government celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the signing of Delaware's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The event was held in Legislative Hall, Dover. Mickey McKay, the League's FOIA Project Chair, presented awards to seven local governments whose performance was outstanding on the League's PDF iconFOIA Audit of 2010. 

    A highlight of the event was the presentation of a "Certificate of Achievement" to Sen. Karen E. Peterson by DELCOG President John Flaherty for her long and outstanding crusade to strengthen Delaware's open-government laws, to extend the reach of those laws and to make FOIA easier and more accessible for the average citizen to use.

    Advocacy Corps, Formerly Action Committee, Sets Prioity

    Action Committee Name Changed. The name of the Action Committee has been changed to Advocacy Corps to better reflect what the committee does. The Advocacy Corps is comprised of our eight volunteer registered lobbyists, other portfolio (committee) chairs, and a few other League members who participate on a regular basis in the Corps' deliberations. For more information about our Advocacy Corps, go  here.

    In addition to its name change, the Advocacy Corps has set Campaign Finance/Lobbying Reform as a legislative priority for 2012. Members of the Corps are organizing a working group to study sources of information, legislation. To join this project, please contact the Chair, Charlotte King.

    Celebrate Spring with the League

    All League Members Invited: CELEBRATE SPRING WITH THE LEAGUE. Join us for a weekend of learning and fun at the Center for the Inland Bays Indian River Marina, Sussex County on April 13-14-15.

        • Learn about the League
        • Get to know members from around the state
        • Learn what's 'hot' in the Legislature
        • Learn what's happening in NCC, Kent & Sussex Leagues
        • Meet the "Dead Ladies"
        • Take a walking tour of Burton's Island
        • Learn "How to Boil a Frog"
        • Share your interests and issues

    New and potential members are encouraged to join us.

        • All meals provided except for dinner Saturday night at the Cottage Cafe  -- good, reasonably priced food. Separate checks. Overnight accommodations in cozy, modern Cottages at Indian River Marina. 
        • All activities provided except for a walking tour of Burton's Island Saturday afternoon. There will be an extra charge of $4.00 for this State Park Guided Tour. Alternatively, we're going to show the environmental movie "How to Boil A Frog" for those not interested in the tour.
        • Detailed agenda will be provided for those who register. And please, register early to assure your reservation at the cabins.

    Council MeetingLWVDE Goes to LWVUS Council Meeting


    Delegates to LWVUS Council 2011 joined in a training exercise. Left to right: LWVDE President Carol Jones, LWVSC

    President Cathy Ward and VP Anne Riley, our board liaison Marlene O'Brien, Letty Diswood, and Sandy Spence. In middle photo, Cathy Ward speaks up during a general session. On right, Anne Riley and Letty Diswood take a break between sessions.




    Shayna LWVDE Biennial Convention 

    The LWVDE held its biennial convention in May 2011 at Dover Downs. The convention elected officers and board members who will govern to League for the next two years, approved a new policy position on Energy/Climate Change and another on Land Use/Transportation, approved a New study on State Revenue Sources to be chaired by Mickey McKay, and conducted other business. In addition, attendees attended varied educational sessions on the Delaware Freedom of Information Act with Deputy Attorney General Judy Hodas, Leadership Development with LWVUS Liaison Shayna Howell [in photo], and workshops on League Observer Corps, How to write an effective letter to the editor, and Redistricting.

    League Day in Dover 2011 

    League Day in Dover 2011 addressed Sea Level Rise. Dr. Chad Tolman, Retired Scientist and Chair, Energy Committee of the DE Chapter of the Sierra Club, addressed the basics of sea level rise, its projected overall impact and the likely timeframe for which planning is critical. Dave Carter, DNREC's Coastal Programs, presented what Delaware is doing to prepare for the impact of Sea Level Rise on Delaware's coast line. Dr. Nancy Targett, Dean of UD College of Earth, Ocean and Environment, outlined what the University is doing in climate change research and education and Lewes Mayor James Ford described what Lewes is doing to adapt to sea level rise. Ken Kristl, Esq, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic, Widener University School of Law, was luncheon speaker, discussing some of the legal implications of climate change and sea level rise for Delaware. The program was organized and moderated by John Sykes.

    Field Trip  The LWVDE Sea Level Rise Field Trip. January 24, 2011 

    In January, members from all three local Leagues participated in a field trip to Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge near Milton, DE in Sussex County. They were briefed by Refuge Manager Michael Stroeh at the Refuge HQ and shown here at Fowler Beach where they also saw a birdwatching platform built in 2006 about 500 yards from the water, now serving as a real life example of the effects of sea level rise. To view a slideshow of the trip, click  here

    Orchestra  LWVDE Celebrated the LWV 90th Anniversary in November 2010 

    In November 2010, the LWV of Delaware celebrated the League's 90th Anniversary at a Gala at Dover Downs. Recently retired State Archivist Russ McCabe told the fascinating story of the suffrage movement in Delaware. Flame of Democracy awards were presented to honorees from each county, from left to right: Ellen Wasfi (Kent), Sen. Margaret Rose Henry (New Castle), and Mable Granke (Sussex). Lt. Governor Matt Denn stopped by to greet us.

    Speaker 1               Awardees               speaker 2          

    League Day in Dover 2010

    League Day in Dover 2010 focused on Redistricting. Shown here are panelists including Sen. Gary Simpson and Sen. Patricia Blevins, prime sponsors of legislation to establish an independent commission to redistrict the state legislature and Edward Ratledge, Director, University of Delaware Center for Applied Demographics and Survey Research. In the center is John Flaherty, president of the Delaware Coalition for Open Government, who moderated the panel discussion, and at the podium are LWVDE's then-President Sandy Spence with Sen. Liane Sorensen reading a proclamation congratulating the League on sponsoring this educational event. Rep. Terry Schooley, co-sponsor of the proclamation is looking on.

    League Day 2010