Local Issues in Action

Local Issues in Action

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Action Teams support immediate and pressing issues of local importance, through coordinated volunteer group effort, special programs and hot topic discussions in these targeted subject areas.

Education | Action Team Chair: Pat Drago
The League of Women Voters of Volusia County supports a free public-school system for Volusia County with high standards for student achievement and with quality of educational opportunity for all that is financed adequately by the state through an equitable funding formula.

Growth Management | Action Team Chair: Mary Anne Connors
The League of Women Voters of Volusia County is concerned about the negative consequences of rapid growth throughout the region. Our positions address the goals and processes of comprehensive planning and require coordination among the governments of Volusia County.

Gun Safety | Action Team Chairs: Nancy Nussbaum, Linda Mojer
Issues surrounding gun safety in Florida are complex and fluid, making this effort one of sharing the latest information among interested advocates. We support many of the State League initiatives, as well as engage with other County leagues in the important work of promoting safe gun ownership.   

Juvenile Justice | Action Team Chair: Cathy Egley
The JJ team advocates for the utilization of Civil Citations by municipalities in Volusia County through coordination between the Volusia County Schools and the Justice System. We also educate Volusia citizens on how students are supported by the efforts of these systems and their perspectives on the mechanisms for coordinated action, challenges and policy issues for their respective organizations.

Natural Resources | Action Team Chair: Nancy Vaughn
The League of Women Voters of Volusia County supports efforts to conserve and protect our water supply as an essential part of ecosystem management through storm water management, expanded reclaimed water use, and community outreach education.