Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau

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The League of Women Voters of Volusia County is proud of its history as a nonpartisan political organization that works to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government and to influence public policy through citizen education and advocacy. We work tirelessly to educate and inform the public on issues important to our democracy.

To that end, the League's Speakers Bureau has speakers available to give 30 to 45-minute presentations plus Q&A on current topics listed below. However, given the pandemic, hosted presentations will be very limited, socially-distanced, and held under only the safest circumstances, if-and-when offered. For the moment, VIRTUAL presentations are more likely, along with VIDEO replays of selected sessions. Check the calendar for upcoming programs, or review the League's YouTube channel for archives. 

Direct File

Florida prosecutes more children as adults than any other state. Children prosecuted as adults are more likely to commit offenses again than children who are managed in the juvenile justice system. This presentation examines the system of Direct File of children to the adult Criminal Justice System and the effects these referrals have on them

Get to know your November Ballot

Between July and October in even number years, our Speakers Bureau will focus on providing non-partisan, educational presentations on the amendment proposals that will appear on the November ballot. To schedule an amendment presentation contact Carla Christianson Voter Service Chair. reclaim4all [at] gmail.com

Plastics – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Learn about how plastics are manufactured, the different types of plastic and the harm plastics are causing to our oceans, rivers, lakes, and wildlife. Explains how practicing the 4 R’s of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle can make a difference.

Public Education in Florida: Trends, Choices, Challenges

An introduction to public education as structured, funded, and delivered in Florida. The presentation includes an outline of Florida's finance model including state and local funds. It also explains the concepts and challenges of school choice, including charter schools and voucher funds for private and religious schools. Lastly, the presentation also provides the audience with an understanding of how education has adapted for the 21st century.

Saving Futures: Juvenile Civil Citations

An explanation of the use of civil citations and prearrest diversion programs for juvenile misdemeanor offenses. The presentation includes types of common youth misbehaviors, consequences, and accountability without fettering them with a criminal record. Lastly, the presentation shows the positive effects of implementing civil citations for our communities.

Women’s Suffrage

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which gave women the right to vote. This PowerPoint recounts the sacrifices of activists whose tireless efforts from 1848 to 1920 culminated in women’s suffrage.

Your Voice. Your Power. Your Vote!

An explanation of the hard-fought battle of getting the right to vote for ALL Americans. In 1776, only 10% of Americans had the right to vote. Learn about how voting rights were expanded and the important benefits, as well as rights and responsibilities, for citizens who turn out and vote.

To book a speaker or if you have questions...

Please contact Ann Smith or call Ann at 386-235-3957.

The League of Women Voters never charges for services; however, should your organization wish to assist us in the continuation of our efforts to educate the community, we will gladly accept any honorarium you feel is appropriate.