Observer Corps

Observer Corps

Covering Local Government County Wide

The official function of the Observer Corps is to attend and observe government meetings. Additionally an observer should: be a visual presence of the LWVVC at government meetings; become informed about issues affecting yourself and the citizens through local government decisions; become the eyes and ears for government in the sunshine; and communicate these issues to the League membership through The Voter.

There are 16 municipalities in Volusia County and each City Council or Commission has its own schedule of monthly public meetings. At each, the League intends to have an Observer on hand both to report and document a physical presence at the proceedings, in real time. 

Thanks to Current Observers

Susan Bayley, Juanita Collins, Mary Ann Connors,
Pat Gadbaw, Ann Harrell, Linda Mojer, Nancy Nusbaum, Susan Pate,
Suze Peace, Vickie Presley, Keturah Thompson