Much of LWVCC's work is planned and carried out by its vibrant committees. 
All are welcome to attend, please contact the Chair of the committee you are interested in for more information. 

Carlisle Town Government - Cindy Nock, Chair

Concord Town Government - Diane Proctor, Chair

Communications - Ingrid Detweiler, Chair

Education - Susan Frey, Chair

Events - Stephan Bader, Chair  
Coordinate the program, logistics, and publicity for major League events. 

Immigration - Nancy Cronin, Chair

Membership - Linda Ziffrin, Chair  
Direct the League's efforts to recruit and retain members.

Nominating - Maureen Kemeza, Chair   
Provide a slate of nominees for officers and directors for approval at the annual meeting.

Observer Corps - Karlen Reed, Chair  
Recruit observers to attend and report on government meetings.

State Program & Action - Nancy Beeuwkes, Chair

National Program & Action Chair - Nancy Cronin, Chair  
Coordinate specific national programmatic activities at a local level that are agreed to either at the LWVCC Annual Meeting or approved by the LWVCC Board.

Voter Service - Cindy Nock 
Oversee and coordinate the League's efforts to provide nonpartisan information to voters and to promote citizen participation in elections.