Civics Bowl - Season 2 Completed!

Civics Bowl - Season 2 Completed!

Civics Bowl

Civics Bowl  2nd Season  2023 is online 

Civics Bowl  broadcasts 2022 online


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Learn about our Civics Bowl collaboration.

How the Spokane Area Developed Civics Bowl with KSPS




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 ‘A little friendly competition’: Spokane Public Schools students to be featured on weekly PBS Civics Bowl.   Spokesman-Review  Apr.29, 2022.

 Below:   Spokane League's Civic Bowl Exhibit at the LWV State Council Meeting.

St. Council Civics Bowl Display


Below: buzzers in hand during the last Friday's rehearsal at KSPS PBS--(L-R) Carmela Conroy, Susan Gray, Mike Bell, Beth Pellicciotti, Susie Gerard, Ann Murphy, Maria DiBartolo, Dawn Shuster. 

 Practice Civics Bowl

We had a great time at the 4/22/22 rehearsal at the KSPS PBS studios, where Leaguers played the part of high school students. (Yes, it did get competitive!) Watch for more pictures in the May 3 edition of The Voter, and thanks to all our League members who have worked so hard to make this unique civics education program possible!

See more behind the scenes action PDF icon here.