LWV ABC Positions

LWV ABC Positions

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Local positions are the result of studies conducted within LWV ABC and are used to advocate within the LWV ABC service area. They are not included in LWV US or LWV Minnesota program. At each LWV ABC annual meeting, members review and vote to keep, update, or drop local positions. Members are encouraged to let the board know when they take action based on one of LWV ABC's local positions.

Positions of League of Women Voters Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids Area


Appointive Process in Local Government (1978)

(revised langauge 2021, elected to keep April 10, 2023 )

      • LWV ABC supports a publicized and orderly application and appointment process which will maximize participation of qualified individuals and assure efficient operation of advisory boards and committees. 

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Appointive Process in Anoka Hennepin School District 11 (1979)

(reviewed and elected to keep April 10, 2023)

      • LWV ABC supports publicized and orderly application and orientation process, which will maximize representation and efficient operation of advisory committees.

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Metro Watershed Management Organization and the Implementation of the Metro Surface Water Management Act (1992)

(reviewed and elected to keep April 12, 2023

      • LWV ABC supports the establishment and implementation of comprehensive surface and ground water management for the metropolitan area.

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Anoka County Park System (1994) (Revised 2010)

(reviewed and elected to keep April 10, 2023)

      • LWV ABC supports the establishment of a well publicized citizen's advisory board to ensure that Anoka County government will be aware of and sensitive to county resident's park concerns.
      • LWV ABC supports regular meetings of representatives of city and county park staff to exchange ideas and common concerns and to ensure that city park boards are aware of county park board plans and activities.
      • LWV ABC supports a greater base of citizen support for the park system through the employment of a full or part-time coordinator to organize activities of volunteers. 

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Licensing of Rental Properties (2004)

(reviewed and elected to keep elected to keep April 10, 2023)

      • LWV ABC believes that municipalities need a licensing policy for rental properties and have an obligation to regularly inspect rental properties in their jurisdiction. Inspections should include examination of both the exterior and interior of the rental dwelling unit and the common areas of the interior used by all tenants. Cities should enforce code compliance to ensure the health and safety of the property's tenants. City codes/ordinances should include a reasonable time for the correction of code violations. Emergency cases: when a violation constitutes an imminent peril to life, health, safety or property, the city may require immediate compliance and, if necessary, take appropriate action to correct the violation.

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Home Health Care (2007) 

(revised 2008, reviewed and elected to keep April 10, 2023)

      • LWV ABC supports the provision and delivery of safe, affordable, flexible home health care services for all, including the elderly and disabled.