Zilla Way Award

Zilla Way Award

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The Zilla Way Award honors a local LWV ABC member who has shown outstanding leadership in guiding our League. This award honors Zilla Way in recognition of her more than fifty years of participation in LWV ABC as a mentor and an advisor.

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2020 Zilla Way Award Certificate and Pat Kennedy

 Patricia Kennedy - for taking on the task of Membership Chair and using her energy, technical skills, resourcefulness and community connections to help LWV ABC more effectively serve our members. 



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Sandra Connor


Sandra Connor  - for leading our LWV 100th Anniversary exhibit at Anoka County History Center, filling the Membership Chair vacancy, and many other activities ... all in her first year of membership.




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Bruce Promerantz receiving award


Bruce Pomerantz - for increasing our visibility and accessibility with technology, enhancing communications with new and prospective members, and challenging our problem solving skills.



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Arlene Gillette receiving award
Arlene Gillette - an accomplished forum moderator, high school voter registrar, and gracious leader in our organization. 




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Jeorgette Knoll


Jeorgette Knoll - for her outstanding long-term leadership to our organization and connecting us to successful community involvement.




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Susan Anderson


Susan Anderson - for stepping in to fill president vacancy and using her experience in community involvement and League to lead us well.




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Kathy Aanerud with Zilla Way 
Kathy Aanerud - for advancing our League to the local media


Gretchen Sabel - for outstanding programs and getting things done Gretchen Sabel with Susan Anderson and Zilla Way


Kathie Whechel
Kathie Whelchel - for welcoming new members and encouraging their involvement


Zilla Way - without Zilla there would be no Zilla Way awardZilla Way


Mary Jo Truchon
Mary Jo Truchon - water and wisdom


Kay McCulley
Kay McCulley - for her steadfast support


Doris Gordon - willing worker over many years


Josephine Nunn - our wise and wonderful mentor


Millie Giddings - many decades of faithful membership and service


Sandra Shanley - lots to study, so much to say, and so many elections


Marj Perry - who represents us at Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues, studies housing and other questions important to LWVABC


Lois Ballinger - who conscientiously makes us a team to win the goal of good government


Geri Nelson
Geri Nelson - who brings order to her world and good times to learning


Betsy O'Berry - who followed the money and always knew the bottom line


Dorothy Bridges - a founding member who cared for her city, league, and community neighbors who needed help


Joan Molenaar - who energetically saves the day for LWV ABC


Carol Bradley - who is ever polite and friendly to the public and public officials



Sandra Shanley - who keeps us connected with calls and e-mails and is a sounding board for new ideas


Jeorgette Knoll - a dedicated and organized mother, educator, and League member.