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LWVMN Action and Advocacy

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LWVMN's Positions

LWV Minnesota, as part of LWV United States, automatically adopts all positions of the LWV United States. LWVMN's Program For Action provides an overview of the LWVUS positions alongside the state-specific positions LWVMN has adopted. The Program For Action is updated every two years following the LWVMN State Convention.

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LWVMN Legislative Priorities

(More Information on LWVMN's Priorities)

The LWVMN board of directors sets priorities based on the current needs of Minnesota, their relevancy to LWV’s mission, their political feasibility, and their urgency. While LWVMN works on many issues, these issues receive additional dedicated resources. 

Read the Capitol Letter for updates on the Legislative session.

2023 LWVMN Legislative Priorities

Restore The Vote 

        • Support the restoration of voting rights to individuals with past felony convictions when they are living in their communities. 

Automatic Voter Registration

        • Support automatic voter registration when a voter engages with a consenting Government agency, such as the Department of Public Safety (moving from an “opt in” to an “opt out” system.) 

Ban Voter and Election Official Intimidation and Harassment 

        • Support increase penalties for people who intimidate and/or harass voters and elections officials. 

Remove Barriers to Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Funds 

More Accessible Voting for All Minnesotans 

Minnesota ERA Amendment

        • Promote the adoption of a ballot issue in 2024 to add the Equal Rights Amendment into the Minnesota State Constitution. 

Climate Change

Racial Justice

        • Continue to use a lens of racial justice in all our legislative work


Other 2023 Statewide Priorities


Legislative Transparency 

        • Including ending the use of large omnibus bills or late-session rush.

National Popular Vote Compact

        • Replace the Electoral College with the National Popular Vote

People Powered Fair Maps 

        • Continue to educate legislators and members of the public on redistricting.

Oppose the “Independent State Legislature Theory” becoming a governing law for federal elections


Ranked Choice Voting

Fair and Accessible County Elections


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LWVMN Legislative Action and Advocacy

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