LWV ABC Leadership

LWV ABC Leadership

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The LWV ABC Board manages and supervises the business and activities of LWV ABC subject to the instructions of the Annual Membership Meeting.  

The LWV ABC Board of Directors usually meets monthly and are required to meet at least five times a year.  All members are welcome to participate in Board Meetings. 

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are available on the Member's Only webpage. 

The Board appoints committee members and Emeritus Board Members at the Board Annual Retreat usually held the month after the Annual Membership Meeting. 

 The LWV ABC Board of Directors Consists Of:

      • Elected officers of LWV ABC (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)
      • Elected committee chairs (Action, Communications, Membership, Program, and Voters Service)
      • Up to two Emeritus Board Members (appointed by board)

If a position is held by co-officers or co-chairs, both are members of the board.

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Current Board Members

Term of office is two years.

Office Incumbent Term Ends
President Gretchen Sabel 2025
Vice President Julie Trude 2024
Treasurer Wes Volkenant 2024
Secretary Kathy Aanerud 2025
Action Committee Co-Chair Leslie Waterhouse 2024
Action Committee Co-Chair Jody Anderson 2024
Communications Committee Chair Pat Kennedy 2025
Membership Committee Chair Betsy O'Berry 2025
Program Committee Chair Co-Chair Kathleen Sekhon 2024
Program Committee Chair Co-Chair Kathy Tingelstad 2024
Voter Services Committee Chair Linda Rodgers 2024
Emeritus Board Member (appointed by board) Zilla Way             2023
Emeritus Board Member (appointed by board) Geri Nelson 2023

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LWV ABC Nominations Committee

The nominations committee consists of an elected Chair, an elected member and a board member appointed by the board.  Term of office is one year.

Nominations Committee Chair (elected) Arlene Gillett
Nominations Committee Member (elected) Kathie Whelcel
Nominations Committee Member (appointed board member) appointment pending

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LWV ABC Board Appointed Positions


Budget Committee Chair Gretchen Sabel
Budget Committee Member Leslie Waterhouse
Budget Committee Ex-Officio Member (Treasurer) Wes Volkenant
By-Laws Committee Chair Kay McCulley
By-Laws Committee Member Julie Trude
Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues Representative Wes Volkenant
Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues Representative Julie Trude
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair Vacant
Historian Vacant
Hospitality Committee Chair Cindy DeReuter
Upper Mississippi River Inter League Organization Representative Lonni McCauley
The Voter Newsletter Co-editor Gretchen Sabel
The Voter Newsletter Co-editor Kathy Aanerud
Webmaster Paul Sitz




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LWV ABC Elections

Elections are held at the Annual Membership Meeting every April.

Officers Elected in Even Number Years:

      • Vice President
      • Treasurer
      • Voter Service Chair
      • Program Chair
      • Action Chair
      • Nominating Committee Chair (off board)
      • Nominating Committee Member (off board)

Officers Elected in Odd Number Years:

      • President
      • Secretary
      • Membership Chair
      • Communications Chair
      • Nominating Committee Chair (off board)
      • Nominating Committee member (off board)