UMRR Action and Advocacy

UMRR Action and Advocacy

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Upper Mississippi River Region Inter-League Organization

LWV Upper Mississippi River Region, or UMRR (pronounced “Ummer”), is an inter-league organization (ILO) focused on water quality at the regional level.   Established in 2015, the UMRR geographic area is the Upper Mississippi River basin – that part of the Upper Mississippi basin upstream of the river’s confluence with the Ohio at the south edge of Illinois. 

UMRR is made up of he 60 local Leagues in the states of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  The LWV ABC board appoints two representives to UMRR.

UMRR Positions and Priorities

UMRR  focuses on nutrient pollution reduction and impacting the rate of climate change.  UMRR is concerned about both surface and ground water in the Upper Mississippi Basin, both for the environment and human health.

The Upper Mississippi River Region ILO operates under thePDF icon LWVUS Natural Resources positions

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UMRR Educational Programs

UMRR hosts 5 educational programs each year.  Taped programs may be viewed on the UMRR YouTube

Alan Guebert: How Federal Farm Policy Ended Up Polluting Our Waters
December 6, 2021

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Should you Drink That? The Unfolding Story of PFAS in our Lives
October 6, 2021

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UMRR Annual Meetings

2023 UMRR Annual Meeting Report

More Information

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